What better way to enter a new season…

*Products in this post were provided by the brand, opinions of the products are my own*

…then to start it off with some new lip colours?!

Annabelle TwistUp

Last month, I got a lovely envelope in the mail, with a selection of goodies from Annabelle HQ~

Today I wanted to share about the new TwistUp.

The TwistUp’s are not new to me. I have a few and have eagerly awaited the colder weather so I could pull out lovely Royale again! I even have a backup waiting for my beck and call. Well seeing as I enjoy, I was super happy to check out a few new colours from the line.

Annabelle TwistUp

As soon as Mom saw this, she stole it from me lol. Had to steal it back before she used it so I could take pictures :P In any case, she loves that the colour is a rich red, that isn’t too bright that she feels she can’t pull off at her age. I find that the colour is lovely for the same reason. Though bright, I don’t feel too out of place wearing it.

Monroe is really nice. It looks a little more orange at times, but generally on me it looks more red.

Vamp, as its name suggests, is quite vampy. Being quite dark, I find that it is hard to pull off the colour on myself.

Generally for the Cherry and Monroe, I find that I like to dot it along my lip and then blend it out, so that the colouring is a bit more sheer. Makes me feel more comfortable, as I still have problems feeling confident in red. However my lovely mother of mine decided that she would steal them for herself, and likes to mix the two together. On the days she was a brighter colour, she adds more Monroe. On the days she wants a darker colour she adds more Cherry.

Since I have been left with Vamp, I have been using it sheer like I mentioned above, or mixing it with another lip colour to lighten it up. Really, I like the way that they are so easy to work with. Makes my life simple.

Annabelle TwistUp

Annabelle TwistUp

The upper set of swatches were on a cloudy day, the lower set of swatches were taken indoors by a lamp. Also where it looks patchy, well that is because I was battling dry lips, it is not the fault of the product.

As always, I would suggest you use the tip to outline the lips, then to use the side of the pencil to fill in the rest of the lip. That way you are able to preserve the point as much as possible. Now if you are one of those lucky ducks who doesn’t really need to care about outlining your lips, well…I’m quite jealous of you :P

Anyway, Annabelle TwistUp crayons can be found at SDM, Walmart, Rexall…well really a lot of drugstores. You can even find them online HERE. Online is nice because they offer free shipping for orders $25+. Also, since they now offer 24 different shades, well I am sure there might be at least one that might appeal to you :D On a side note, if you live near a Jean Coutu (store locator), they have Annabelle TwistUp’s for $7 until next week!


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