Checking out the Finger Paints SOG Starter Kit

First off Happy Birthday AY! Here’s to another year of celebrating your birthday :D

*Products in this post were purchased with my own funds for my own amusement*

In August, my parents went on a little trip to visit family. Which meant I got to ship a few things to my cousin.

I ended up getting the Finger Paints Starter kit, mainly because I wanted to start doing SOG nails more frequently, even if it were just to apply a clear base and top coat. I find that they help to keep my nails stronger for longer, and really help when I am changing polish a lot.

The Finger Paints kit was a great value for the price I snagged it at. Originally it goes for $47.95US (I think its about $57CAN? I can’t remember it goes gor $66Can, $59.50 with the club card), but it was on sale, and then it was cheaper because I have their regular Beauty Card Membership. So basically with my monthly 15% off, plus taxes, I paid about $30US for it. Could have saved a bit more had I realized that I could have gotteb caah back from Ebates! Seeing as I got the Bonder, the Base Coat, the Top Coat, the cleansers (pre cleansing & post cleansing), and finally the cuticle oil, it was a great deal. Oh, I forgot that it also included their DVD. CRAZY!

Finger Paints Starter Kit

Finger Paints Starter Kit

I had previously used the Sensational Base Coat & Top Coat (You can find SensatioNail products at SDM, NPC, and even now Rexall!), but seeing as I wanted to do them regularly, this kit really comes in handy.

I’m not a fan of the fact that there is a separate base and top coat, but they work pretty well and are fluid enough that I don’t have to fight it. However they are not overly fluid so I don’t have to worry about pooling at the sides of the nail. So basically its not hard to manipulate.

Anyway, while I was getting my Bonder and base coat on, I figured I would check out the DVD. In it they have a tutorial for that they call Red Pebble nail art. Curious I started watching.

Finger Paints Starter Kit

Finger Paints Starter Kit

Finger Paints Starter Kit

Finger Paints Starter Kit

Basically the idea behind it is that you go ahead and SOG your nails as you normally would. Finish it off with a top coat. At this stage you add a different contrasting colour (I actually wanted to stick with the grey’s so I used Gelish “Cashmere Kind of Gal” that I picked up at Sally Beauty for $4 on clearance). So you add a relatively thin coat of this on the nail, then taking something sharp (they suggested you sharpen an orange stick), dip it in to the top coat, and start randomly dotting the nail. Once that is done, wait just a little bit before curing, as the top coat starts pushing the contrasting coat away, creating a turtle shell like effect. Once that is done, go ahead and cure it. Then finally add a top coat again. TADA you have the Pebble Effect!

–       Finish off a regular SOG mani up to the Top Coat

–       After curing the Top Coat, add a thin layer of a contrasting colour

–       Immediately take a stick, dip it into the Top Coat and dab it on to the nail on top of the contrasting colour

–       Wait just a little bit as the Top Coat starts spreading the polish

–       Once you are satisfied with how it looks, cure it

–       Add a final coat of the Top Coat and cure

–       TADA Done! Easy Peasy (well relatively easy :))

It produced an interesting effect, and I am actually looking forward to do it for a friend. I didn’t want to do it to all my nails, so I kept it at the Accent Nail. One thing to note is just lightly dab the nail. Because I wasn’t gentle, I got shattered edges. It should look clean and rounded.

Anyway, whenever I do my nails, or do it for a friend, I really do think I should go to esthetics school. At the very least get a nail technician license. Something I have flirted with for YEARS now…and still have yet to make the jump. One day…

So what do you think?

I’m now sure if this works with regular polish (maybe using acetone to eat through rather than the top coat), but it has me thinking I may explore it if someone hasn’t already done it.

Would you go for the Red Pebble/Turtle Shell effect?


9 thoughts on “Checking out the Finger Paints SOG Starter Kit

    • Seeing as this is a post on a technique to do the art with Gel, I am a little confused with your question.

      I’m assuming you are speaking about general application. If that is the case, you need to read the instructions for the respective brand that you will be using. Generally you will need to file the top layer for removal.

      If you were talking about the nail art part of this, then no, you do as I wrote. There is no need to file the top layer, as the point is to preserve it. I guess Finger Paints sees it as a way to protect the colour? Anyway those were the steps as I saw them in the video.

      If you have additional questions/clarification, then lmk and I’ll try and help you.

      • Thanks for your response. I have gelish sistem and I don’t like that u have to “lightly” buff the top layer of the nail. I don’t have fingerpaints gel sistem so I don’t know what the instructions are and that’s why I want to know. I already research everywhere and no one talks about it. I wanted to know before I buy

        Thank you!

        • Okay! That’s great, now that I have more info I can help you out more…though unfortunately you won’t like the answer :(

          The Finger Paints system does require you to buff your nails. I am going to assume you do not like that step because it might weaken the nails? If that is the case, I would suggest buying a much finger grit file from a beauty supply store, or drug store. When I told the ladies at Sally Beauty, they told me that it would be better. In any case, I believe that all the soak off gel systems, are like the acrylics, in that they need to be filed before being worked on, and because they all do, no one really mentions much about it. I am not a certified nail technician, so I can’t tell you why that is the case, except that it probably helps it adhere better? In any case, I have tried it without buffing my nails, and have achieved decent results, so you could opt to skip that initial buffing step. I found that when I didn’t, it peeled off a bit more the cuticle of the nail more easily than the usual way.

          • I know that shellac does no requiere the bluff of the nail and i saw a video from OPI gel and they said it was optional. Gel polishes don’t lasts more then 8-10 day on my nails. Then the peeling starts from tip or near cuticle. I have bought different lamps. Different gel polishes system, and the results are always the same. I have had them done at the salon and the results are exactly the same so… I thought I could try something different after months of not doing anything to my nails. My nails grow but they peel all the time and then brake. Gel polish is the only thing that makes them grow a little bit but since it doesn’t last on me it’s too time consuming…. I don’t know what else to try…
            Do you recomend a nail file from Sally’s? A fine grit I mean.

            Thak you so much. You’ve been very nice :)

            • I don’t mind helping out, because I do think that the Soak off gel, though not for everyone (like those who don’t have much time), is a great system to try out. My nails used to peel so much, but now that I have been wearing SOG nearly back to back since mid August, they grow faster, and look better. So I guess I should be thankful cause I don’t have the troubles you have had.

              I do use the file grit file. I don’t remember what it was called, as it has no name on it. But was told it was the finest that they had. It basically is like those 4 step rectangle blocks that people use for buffing their nails.
              But instead of different grits all over, it was just the fine git on all sides. Even then, I don’t buff my nails too much.

              Seeing as you have tried many different systems, I can’t really even suggest anything else, as I’m sure you have tried out all the possible troubleshooting issues. So maybe trying the finest grit, with whatever system you still have, might help? I can only cross my fingers for you at this point. Good luck! and if you do find a solution, lmk :) Maybe it can help another person like you

              • I honestly doubt I will fine a solution. I really have seen many videos, bought different stuff but nothing. I don’t get it and it makes me mad… :(

                They seem to work for everyone else but me…

                Thank you so much for your help :)

                • no prob Silvia. I did think of one more thing…like not to soak your nails before you do your nails. So no treatments, or bath. But can’t’ think of anything else :( But still, hope you do find a system eventually!

                  • Thank you :). Yes I try to make sure my nails have not been in the water before I do it. But did I tell you that after I take a shower my nails start to peel? Maybe not all of them but at least one does. I just don’t get it :(. I try not to keep my hands in water too long. If I do dishes I use gloves but still the results are what I’m telling you..

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