So glad to call you mine…Crosswires

*The following product has been gifted to me by a friend :D*

This has taken awhile. I mean I mentally placed it on my wishlist, and there it remained for a year…

MAC Crosswires

I first fell in love with Crosswires when I saw it over here. Then was reinforced when I saw it at over herr, and solidified in my mind when I saw it on here. Well…then earlier this year I met up with Watercoloursky (she doesn’t blog anymore, but I’ll still tag her as her posts are still there :)) and…TADA! She presented me with my own Crosswires XD

MAC Crosswires

She had remembered me mentioning it, and well…I was just ecstatic to receive such a lovely belated birthday gift.

It was one of the go to colours that I would reach for during the warmer weather.

MAC Crosswires
MAC Crosswires

I think the arm swatch is more accurate than the lip swatch. Though its still lighter in the arm swatch as well.

Anyway, it seems a bit of a louder colour to wear, especially for people like me who don’t usually wear brighter colours…well…aside from some oranges…and some pinks. But this really does seem to work out on a lot of skin tones. Might be something to consider and swatch for yourself if you are looking for a lip colour :)


2 thoughts on “So glad to call you mine…Crosswires

    • It is a really lovely colour~ I would hope that it would translate well in to a MUA kit, but you can update me on that in the future :)

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