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I was lucky to start later…I remember when I went to GBC I started a week earlier than University students…that was a pain. After taking summer courses, I definitely needed the extra week off. But alas that can’t last forever, so I was back in school on Monday. On my way to the Mississauga Bus Stop at Islington, I noticed these Yellow Hearts. Apparently they are a part of a art thing from a Torontonian Artist. Anyway I love that they are just so damn happy!

Whenever I go to Christie/Bathurst late during the end of the week, I always see a crowd of people near the PIzza PIzza on Bathurst. I had always wanted to check out the Wreck Room, but I FINALLY got the opportunity to last week. A fellow Torontonia Blogger was participating in the Battle of the Bands, and I went to check it out. Definitely a fun time, despite some of the rather :T PWC people.

I received a package of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) goodies to play around with (thanks K!). I have the Mint Balm that I ended up buying because there was a $1 off on the Checkout51 app. But I am glad that I get to try out a few more of the balms, as I have read that the moisturizing factor varies a little from the different kinds. Seeing as that is the main issue I had with the Mint one, I’m hoping that the other two satisfy that need. On another note, the lotions (flat pebble looking ones) are quite neat. I love how compact they are, and they have a Cucumber scented one, that smells EXACTLY like this one line that BBW released many years ago. Seriously, this scents takes me back a decade. My friend and I were obsessed with it in highschool…

Lastly I have Cinnabon picture for you. I had placed an order at Sephora about a month back…and got an email last week that I had been refunded. I was PISSED as the email reply I received from Sephora wasn’t informative, and avoided answering the questions I had about the issue. Not to mention that they blamed me for putting in the address wrong, which was why it was “undeliverable”. I got yet another reply back from them, and it was that “upon further investigation, the package was damaged upon arrival to the boarder, and was deemed undeliverable”. Fine, but at least give me the damn option to have it reshipped, or whatever wasn’t damaged! Ugh. So annoying as part of it was a gift, and the other stuff was extra bits for myself…which are now OOS. I should just do a series on “Why I won’t buy things from…”. That would take care of Matt & Nat, Ikea (I refuse to buy anything from them after the Helmer issue I went through not once but TWICE), LV Yorkdale,and now possibly Sephora. In all seriousness it might be time to consider using Murale…cause you know…I love hoarding points lol

Anyway that is enough out of me. I hope that the week treats you well :) It is getting chillier, so I have dusted off a bunch of colder weather things, and have started to transition some of the summer wear out of my wardrobe.

Oh fall/winter…you can’t come soon enough :D


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