What did I reach for most often in August?

So August was an interesting month for me.

And seeing as I’ve been horrible at keeping up with my posts…I figured I’d add another filler today :)

Anyway, here are a few things I reached for quite often in August. By that I pretty much mean what was my default/what I ended up using nearly everyday…it may be attributed to sheer laziness…


Annabelle Mokamirage * (I do love my Smoothies…I’ve mentioned them a few times…)
Swipe on, blend out, and GO GO GO! Really it is that simple with this one. I haven’t been able to use it for awhile because it went MIA out of the blue…then I checked behind the dresser…and…BAM! Used it nearly everyday. For me, it gives me enough colour without being too worried that I didn’t work it out, or its too loud. It was just a simple product to use.

Loreal Wet Shine Stain in Coral Tattoo
With summer slowly coming to an end, I desperately wanted to put in as much orange as I could. The fact that this is a stain was a plus, as I didn’t have to check if my lips were still good. On the plus side, now that summer is pretty much done, I can pull out my purples again XD

Stila Convertible Color in Fuschia
Creams have been a great help for my oily skin. It helps that I can use one half for my lips, and the other for my face. Seeing as I didn’t want to carry too much throughout my day, this helped to cut it down just a tiny bit.

Marcelle Multi Color Powder Blush Pink Fusion * (Mentioned HERE)
I got this over a year ago, but still love it. Gives me just the right amount of shimmer to highlight, or I used a tiny bit to help set the cream Convertible Color.

Fairy Drops Volume Burst Mascara WP (Blogged HERE)
The fact that this was waterproof, and didn’t smudge on me for nearly 10-12 hours, was the reason why I reached for this so often. My other waterproof one (that I will share soon), didn’t hold up to that task. Plus, I’m addicted to the weird odango wand :P

The Body Shop Shiso Makeup Cleansing Oil
I wanted to hold off on using this, mainly because I had expected the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to come my way. (I won it through Macnunu’s giveaway from several months back, and the Loreal Press side for Shu Uemura has yet to send it. I FINALLY got the package! Like 2 weeks ago :T but am so bitter about the experience). Anyway, I decided to put this one to use. I bought this when EbatesCanada had double cashback at 12%, and there was a 50% off all merchandise sale. The smell reminds me of my Grandmother (in a good way), and I found it quite easy to use. The only problem I have is that you need to avoid your eye area when using it. Which means that I have had to use something else for the eyes…


Mokamirage, Coral Tattoo, Convertible in Fuschia, Marcelle lower half of the blush, Marcelle upper half of the blush


Annabelle Mokamirage

Anyway, what was one product that you reached for most often in the summer? If you have oily skin do let me know cause maybe I’ll check it out for next year :D

2 thoughts on “What did I reach for most often in August?”

  1. I really love that blush, and being Annabelle it’s affordable and not something I’ll regret buying. I was never one for blushes but the last 6 months or so I’ve become a fiend.

    1. Oh yes, aside from my love for shadows, blush is a big thing for me too! I have a little too many, which is why I like using the Beauty So Clean to help keep them around longer~ And I totally agree with the affordable bit. It does make it rather harmless to try out, though I haven’t had any issues with their brand~

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