TIFF “Rush”

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 2.21.15 AM

What a movie.

Early Sunday, I saw a tweet about Rush Movie tickets by eonefilms. I retweeted it without a second thought. I was busy all day…and didn’t check twitter til 7:10. I noticed I had a DM…

I had won two passes to see Rush that very evening!

I ran to wash my hair, did my brows and ran to catch the bus. You see, I only had til 8:30pm to get to the place to pick up my tickets. Seeing as on any given day it takes me about 50 minutes to get from my house to downtown…I was frantic.

Luckily life was in my favour today and I was able to get to the pickup location right at 8:26!

Then I proceeded to Roy Thomson Hall, where the premiere of Rush was taking place.

Now remembered I said I was in a rush…well I isn’t know until I left that it was at Roy Thomson Hall. So I was terribly under dressed for the event. But I waited in line for an hour…and after a few calls, had a friend to watch the movie with.

The problem is that they upgraded us from the balcony to the main…but they over booked the main seats. So everyone was annoyed. Luckily my friend and I found singles (though we were separated) and I got to enjoy the movie.

Now about the movie…

Wow. I really enjoyed it.

To back up, the movie is in the simplest sense, is a story about a rivalry of two Formula One drivers.

However it is more than that, as it also displays the strong sense of respect and dedication. In some
ways there I also accountability.

Yup my summary sucks, so go read more about it on the TIFF website HERE

What I loved about the movie first off was the little micro details. The flames as the engines were set in motion, the pistons working their magic. There was a scene of a spider hanging on the wall just before the race, which just seemed so right. The close ups of certain important points of the movie that make your cringe, but make you see…

There was also the fact that real clips of events were merged in to the movie as well, making the scenes even more significant.

What made the event more surreal wasn’t the fact that Chris Hemsworth was there (though seeing Thor up close is always nice…) or Olivia Wilder (whom I am a fan of). Nope…what made it more surreal was that Niki Lauda was in the audience, as well as the family of James Hunt! I was frantically switching between taking videos and pictures…just…amazing.

(Niki Lauda in the red cap)

I took a few clips, but these two were the ones I wanted to share. Apologies for the bad quality, as it’s an old point and shoot…and I screwed up macro settings (apparently my camera doesn’t like it when I use the digital zoom and the macro setting lol).

Anyway, unfortunately it seems the only other showing is today at noon :T wish there was more time to suggest that you check it out, as I personally think for a movie about a real event, it was definitely well made, especially when you consider the little things that went in to the movie making.


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