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I had a semi busy week of fun~ I actually started, what I hope is my last year, today…so I really wanted to do fun things for my final week of freedom. Luckily I got to attend certain events, and spend time with a bunch of friends :)

Out of the blue Mama wanted to check out a movie. We decided to watch The Butler. But it was also the first time I got to participate in Time Play. For the longest time, I didn’t realize you needed a Time Play App. I thought you used the regular Cineplex app to play…lol

I got to watch an advance screening of Life of Crime, thanks to a contest I won through Twitter from Loreal Paris Canada. It was my second time being at the Bell Lightbox, and a second time watching a TIFF film

I went to another movie, this time to watch Mortal Instruments, thanks to Farley Co. I went during the early afternoon, so when I got in to the theater, I was the third person in the audience. I ended up crashing a couples alone time lol. Anyway a trio came in much later, and another duo came half hour in to the movie…I think they were movie hopping, as they high five’d their success when they sat down.

On another topic, I’ve seen some of Godfrey Gao‘s dramas, but can I just say that I liked him a lot in the movie? Wish there was more of him…

I got to attend the Isaac Mizrahi event held by Chatelaine and The Shopping Channel. It was held at Paese, and it was an interesting time. I wrote about it HERE if you wanted to check that out :)

Though this was technically taken very early Monday morning, I’m putting it in now. I suddenly got rush tickets to Rush the Movie by eonefilms, so I seriously got ready in 10 mins and dashed out the door. The awesome surprise was that Niki Lauda was present at the Rush Premiere, as well as the family of James Hunt! I thought that was a great surprise for the audience at Roy Thomson Hall last night :D I totally do not regret going despite knowing I’d be tired today :P


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