TIFF “Life of Crime”

A few weeks back, I saw a tweet from Loreal Paris Canada. It was a chance to win #TIFF13 screening tickets!

Of course I immediately emailed them to enter the giveaway…

and BAM! I ended up winning a pair of tickets :D

I was pretty excited seeing as I haven’t seen a Tiff Movie since…I believe Sympathy of Lady Vengeance back in 05/06. I actually really didn’t want to go, but friend of mine wanted me to come as her bf at the time was able to snag tickets.

(Taken as I was waiting in line to enter…)

Anyway, we weren’t told what we were watching, and I was SUPER curious as there are a bunch of movies that are playing this year. After being sent to several different floors, as there was HUGE miscommunications between the TIFF volunteers, I finally got to the right place and stood in line.

Was about to sit down in the row…when I hear my name! Which was really unexpected. Turned out two guys I went to High School with were in the same row! (Now high school was a long time ago, but I bump in to one of them frequently on the bus)

Okay enough background chatter right?

The movie ended up being LIFE OF CRIME! Directed by Daniel Schecter
Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 7.43.38 PM
(screenshot from the TIFF website)

Now I’m not a huge fan of Aniston, but was pleasantly surprised to see Mos Def and Tim Robbins (despite his gross character, I like how versatile he is. Plus Shawshank is still a movie I like).

Basically, the movie is about two criminals who decide to kidnap the wife of a wealthy man, and hold her for ransom. What they don’t know is that the couple’s relationship has been quite rocky.

Being a period piece, set a few decades ago…I wasn’t too sure how this would play out. Generally I felt that this isn’t an overly exciting movie to watch. You kind of suspect what might happen…though not spot on. You feel for Aniston’s character, but it just seemed the entire movie just skims the surface. I mean, just when a development is about to happen…we are torn away to something else.

However this isn’t to say that you won’t laugh a few times. And the movie does end off with a laugh as well! As as long as you aren’t expecting a movie with a huge adrenaline rush, then it might be something to consider checking out at the end of TIFF.

I didn’t snag any swag, despite wanting to find someone to give me a TIFF bag, but I did score a packet of free scented tissues! lol Oh tissues, I felt like I was in Korea :P

Life of Crime on the Tiff Website

Wiki Page (though not a lot of info)

Elmore Leonard Website with a bit of the book on it

Anyway is there a movie you are hoping to catch this TIFF season?


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