Odango Mascara Wand?! (Fairy Drops :P)

So when I first saw this brush…well…if you grew up in the early 90’s you would know the word odango. Well, that is if you watched Sailor Moon xD (a reference to her hair :P).

Anyway, that was the first thing that actually crossed my mind.

Then it was…will that actually do the job that I need??

Fairy Drops Mascara

I picked this up when I did my first every Sasa order. I had been worried about getting hit by duty fees, but I figured I would take the chance as the mascara had intrigued me a lot.

I’d seen them around on other blogs, but it was Nikki at AskMeWhats series on them late last year, that really tempted me to put in an order. But alas, I was too scared of crazy duty fees, so I held back. Then about 2 months ago, my girls and I were drinking and chatting about makeup. Friend had asked us what mascara we all use for our lashes (Everyone was Asian at the table). Truthfully I wasn’t using any at that very moment, so I didn’t have much to say, as she was looking for a waterproof one, and my fav one Marcelle’s Xtension didn’t have a waterproof version (but they do have something else that was VERY exciting! I’ll share soon xD If you can’t wait, check out the Raincoat :P). When we asked her what she used, she told us that she was in LOVE with Fairy Drops, but that it was too expensive to buy here.

Fairy Drops Mascara
(Isn’t the eye somewhat creepy??)

She has rather short lashes like I do, so I figured even if she was raving about it, I should really check it out. Luckily Sasa was having a small sale on the Fairy Drops mascara, and I picked up the Fibre one in the waterproof version (my friend actually swears by the pink one, but I need waterproof products in my life).

Fairy Drops Mascara

Fairy Drops Mascara

Fairy Drops Mascara

So what?

Okay…can I say that the wand is SUPER cool?! I love it, reminds me of the odango (as I already mentioned). And you know what, despite me being skeptical that it would catch my lashes, they did! (Well most of them, I have issues with ANY mascara capturing the small outer lashes on my left eye. I don’t know what it is about it, cause I can get the same lashes on my right eye with no problem O___o).

This was also my second Fibre mascara, the first being Blinc (well I guess it isn’t fibre, cause it’s a tubing mascara…), which I got from a friend.

I do find that you need to work with it a little quickly because the fibres dry and that makes extra coats really hard to work in to the lashes. However I do like the outcome.

What I also REALLY liked was that on a regular day, the mascara does not smudge on me for 8+hours. I can go to a club, and be all sweaty and gross, and my mascara still stays put. That made me really happy, cause I can trust it to stay put. I even used it at my friends wedding! (Because come on, who doesn’t shed a tear when a friend gets married, such a joyful event :))

Fairy Drops Mascara
In this picture I curled my lashes, and then applied. When applied, it made the curl more natural looking, as my before application (eye on the right), was basically L shaped. I over exaggerate the curl because I found that all mascaras tend to undo my curl just a bit. My lashes are that stubborn.

Fairy Drops Mascara
In this picture, I applied the mascara on uncurled lashes.

I took both pictures from the bottom to try and show the volume, and the little extra length it provided me. I try and add length by brushing the wand at the tip of the lashes.

Anyway it was $13US, and arrived in a little over 2 weeks. But would I buy it again? Well I have an extra one that one of my other friend changed her mind on, so I will be using that for sure. But for the price, despite the fact I LOVE that it doesn’t give me raccoon eyes, I would say that I would much prefer to go to my Marcelle Xtension. Now if they were both the same price…it would be harder to say. I may experiment by layering the two though…get the best of both worlds :P (cause I’m obviously greedy like that haha)

From Sasa HERE

Fairy Drops Mascara

Have you tried anything from Fairy Drops yet? What is your go to mascara?

2 thoughts on “Odango Mascara Wand?! (Fairy Drops :P)”

  1. I really want to try Fairy Drops mascara! Just as an FYI anything valued at $22 CAD is exempt from duties so if this is only $13 you can order again without worrying :)

    1. Thanks for that Christine :)
      I am aware of the $20 rule, but my fault for not being specific~ I didn’t want to have to pay shipping! lol
      So the mascara was only part of the $40 haul~
      But if I am making a smaller order, it would be better to pay for the shipping than the taxes~

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