Last week on Instagram…

First off…
Happy Birthday H! Hope that it is one relaxing day for you :D

Now on to regularly scheduled programming…

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So…This was taken at #beautyunited. I was lucky to be one of the 30 bloggers to represent this program…and am delighted to be a part of it. I posted an album on facebook HERE, and will have a post up hopefully later this week :)

Oh Toronto…Skydome (yes, SKYDOME), and the CN Tower :)
Did you know that CN apparently is the abbreviation of Canadian National? (Wiki)

Picked up the new Upass at school. The Upass is a transit pass that allows UTM students take the mississauga for a smaller set fee. I think we pay a little over $100 for the 8 months. I was thankful when this was released because I used to spend just under $200 a week on both the TTC and the Mississauga transit, when I first started my undergrad. Definite killer on my bank account.

I had the honour of attending the wedding of a lovely couple! It was such an amazing time to witness and be apart of. Thankful to know that this lovely lady has found her lovely match~

Isn’t their cake topper the cutest?! I was at the dessert table, and I had to run back to our table to get my phone to take a picture xD

I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry. Its mainly because I tend to break things because I wasn’t cautious (I’ve killed 3 Tiffany necklaces like that -___- One of which I got repaired…and still broke lol). Anyway, the thing is that my dress choices for the ceremony and the reception required a little more blind to liven it up…so after failing to find something appropriate, I raided my moms stash. My favourite of the bunch is the ring. The opal ring is set with a few diamonds, that my mother bought about 15 years ago. I was entranced by it then, and still am now~ It is in a gold setting, but with the ring being large, you don’t really notice it. can’t wait til mama hands it down to me :P (If I can’t wait, I might just buy something for myself…like this one)


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