What do you think of a paddle gloss applicator?

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi
Sephora had this Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi for Beauty Insiders (all you need to do to be a BI is to sign up for an account online, or sign up in store). Luckily I was picking something up, so I was able to add this freebie to my order (always Google for codes just in case).

Anyway, I was pretty excited by this gloss because it would be my first Anastasia product. Anastasia, is more known for the awesome brow products (well, the output they create is quite awesome, I personally haven’t had a chance to try them out).

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi
In any case, the gloss was a nice pink, which ended up being a MLBB type of gloss for me. Which is always a score for me :)

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi
Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi
The applicator is quite cool, because it isn’t a doe foot or a brush, but rather a plastic/silicone paddle! Now that isn’t for everyone, I know, but personally I did like it in a weird way.

“Sheer color, long-wearing, and ultra-hydrating. Innovative applicator gets more gloss on your lips, not stuck in a brush”

True to that statement, though it does take a bit of getting used to (the paddle is quite stiff in comparison to some Asian ones I have tried), It still distributes nicely on the lips. Which does translate in to a more opaque colour.

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Moi

One thing I didn’t like about the gloss was the fact that though it is hydrating, it is really sticky. You know when you were a kid, and would smear glue over your hand?? (Wait…I wasn’t the only one to do this was I???) Well this reminds me of the midway point of not being completely dry, but not completely wet either.

If you’ve never smeared white glue on your hands, and peeled it off when dry…well than I guess telling you that the gloss reminds me of the level of stickiness associated with MAC Lipglass products.

Another thing was that the smell wasn’t something I was fond of. But luckily you don’t smell it after the initial application.

Anyway…so what?

Well…the thing is, is feels quite decent on the lips if you ignore the sticky factor. It feels good enough that I would consider buying another. Not full price (as it is a little pricey for my taste. Unless I saw a kit like this one, then I might consider buying it…), on sale. I know that sounds so neutral, but really its hard to explain this gloss. I really don’t like the sticky factor, but like I said, it felt really nice on the lips over the hours. That fact alone seems to work out to negate the sticky factor…

And I mean…it is pretty moisturizing.

Directly from the Anastasia website they state

10 MINUTES – 90% reported lips are hydrated.

1 WEEK – 87% reported the lip gloss provides long lasting moisture.

4 WEEKS – 83% saw improvement in the texture of lips and again 90% reported lips are hydrated.

I haven’t actually used it every day, but the fact that I can feel it in the first few minutes, leaves a lasting impression on me.

On the Anastasia Site is it $18US
On Sephora it is $27CAN

I don’t know…what would you do? Would you go for a gloss even if it was sticky?

And what do you think of the applicator? Do you prefer the doe foot or a brush to the silicone paddle?

8 thoughts on “What do you think of a paddle gloss applicator?

  1. yeah… i smeared glue all over my hands … just so i could peel it off.. :P
    I don’t think I’ve ever come across a silicone paddle. It looks like it wouldn’t pick up as much product as the traditional ones (or it would absorb less?)

    • In a way It doesn’t pick up a lot, but at the same time I think it picks up just enough for me. So I guess it works out?
      and peeling it off was the best part xD

  2. I used to put glue on my hands too for a little “exfoliation” when I was a kid lol I don’t mind sticky lipglosses and like the idea of the paddle applicator but I am with you on the fact that I would probably be more enticed to try it if it was part of a set!

    • lol exfoliation~ I like that you were thinking ahead in terms of beauty~ I just did it for the textural experience :P not as mature sounding as yours

  3. I’ve never tried an applicator like that but I don’t know if I’d like it. I always prefer those spongey doe foot aplicators. To answer your question, the lipstick I was wearing was Sleek in Mystic :)

    • I keep think about the applicator and just can’t make a decision. I keep going back and forth on the topic. I know I’m not a complete fan of the doe foot…haha the things we mull over :P And thanks! Seriously it was gorgeous on you…must look into trying to snag it or find a dupe like combo in my stash :)

  4. Weird! But I guess it’s better since you might end up getting more product overall since the applicator doesn’t soak so much of it up? I’ve never seen an applicator like that before.

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