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Look what I FINALLY got to try!! I ate the last one just now :) #kitkat #exclusive #japanese #matcha
Ah! I finally got to try the Macha Green Tea Kitkat!! You can find them at certain Asian Supermarkets, but it took me this long to try one out. I finished off the last one when I was waiting for my bus. I had just finished my last final for this summer session of school. Yummy way to celebrate :)

I saw this on Old Navy, and couldn’t resist! I would have liked one without a stache, but better than nothing :D (I want the kids “Feed the Domo” shirt, but don’t like the colour -__-)

Mum had friends over earlier this day, and well because she wanted to hang out with them longer, she asked one of them to drive her to work (doing so allowed an hour more play time). This meant that she needed to bus it back home, so I met her at the stop. While I was walking to the intersection, I heard this weird air gunish sound. Turned out city workers were repainting the lines. I hadn’t thought that they would do that at night…or rather never occurred to me that they would repaint in the first place. Especially at 3am

I ended up staying home Friday night. I had met with my friend J and we hung out for a bit earlier, so just wanted to blog at home. Was nice. Got some editing done, and tried out a new to me beer. Bro said it was better…which I can’t agree on. However I loved the riddles under the cap!

I was to meet some friends for lunch, but had to get to the mall earlier to return some stuff. They were setting up for Buskerfest…

I loved this balloon dragon! but dang was it ever busy…not a fan of crowds like this, so I really wanted to leave -___-


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