Gotta love a nice face pampering session…

*Products pictured in this post were provided through FarleyCo, in way of their swag bag from THIS event. Views and opinions are of my own*

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Masque

So..many many moons ago, I was invited to the Farley Co (the lovely folks who brought Real Techniques to us in Canada xD) and Montagne Jeunesse event which I wrote about HERE (the people who created the scary masque looking packaging lol).

At this event, we were introduced to the lovely products, that is the sheet infused with clay, masques!

Now anyone who has used clay masques (like the Queen Helene Mint Julep, that one that is my usual go to), knows how annoying removal can be. Even if you do end up using a wash cloth, you have to clean that up as well. Jill over at JilloJello told me that I could use a cheesecloth, which apparently is something similiar to what they do at spas! I wouldn’t know, but I loved that idea. (as a side note, I have added cheese cloth to my stash for the times I use Queen Helene). Anyway, basically these masques help to decrease the amount of time you spend on removal.

All you need to do is remove from packet, slap on face, keep on face for specified amount of time, remove, and wash.

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Masque
Here is me being scary…I am sporting the Glacial Clay Spa masque in this one.

Then I thought I shouldn’t scare my readers…so…
Montagne Jeunesse Clay Masque

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Masque
As you can see it is a little large, so it covered the area just under my chin as well. YMMV though as it wasn’t the same for mom.

Seeing as it is a clay masque, the cut outs for the eyes and the mouth are rather large. But that means that it helps to decrease it getting into your eyes, or your mouth. I did find the masque larger in general, so it didn’t really fit my face quite right. So I did what I usually do in situations like this, I snip little cuts into the masque to fit me better. I especially needed to do that for the lower part, as it wouldn’t lay against my skin right, and would come apart and drag the masque down.

Before you walk about and do your business, I would suggest that just for a minute, and keep your head back. I personally felt that this helped to set to your face, and then allow me to walk around and do what I needed for the remainder of the time. Otherwise, I found that another time I did this, it would slowly slide off the face.

What felt nice, is that once I got the masque smoothed down on my face, it really did stay on. I turned my face down a few minutes, and it stayed put! When I removed it, I found that my skin was soft, not tight, and my pimples were not irritated.

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Masque
Mom is using the Dead Sea Mud Spa in this picture (she is playing Candy Crush on her iPad that she can’t look at the camera lol). She pulled it a bit, which is why there is a gap at her nose. After this picture I cut more slits all over the place to make it fit better.

Mom and I both liked the fact that it was easy to use, and easy to remove. We both liked that our skin didn’t sting (definitely not like the Queen Helene which is my go to clay masque). We both liked that our skin felt clean, and mom was happy she didn’t have a reaction to it. Mom wasn’t a fan of the fact that it didn’t seem to last in terms of moisturization, like the Asian masques we have. But clay masques aren’t necessarily about moisturization, but more to detox. Personally I did feel that my skin was moisturized because of the very fact I am not waiting for it to completely dry.

Anyway, clay masques are fun times.

I have long since run out of the masques that I got to take home with me (well…it was due to the fact that mom wanted to do a masque every week just like they suggested), so I did have to pick up a few more.

You can find these at Walmart for $2.49, in the cosmetics section. There is a display that holds all the masques available from Montagne Jeunesse. I know the price may be more expensive when you think of the number of masques that you can do from a tub, but it is nice to have around in your stash for the times you don’t have the time to deal with removal.

Anyway, what do you think?
If you do not currently use a masque, would you try this one out?


6 thoughts on “Gotta love a nice face pampering session…

  1. Great review! I’m still drafting mine up so it’s not posted yet. But I do agree with your mom, that they’re not as moisturizing as the My Beauty Diary ones. I better get finished on my post so I can get it up. It’s so many moons ago that I received them!

    • Oh I hate when things pile up and we get behind on our posting schedules~ But you do have a lot of fun things of food! so its okay~ Can’t wait to read it when it is up :)

  2. Love the mother daughter review style, your facial expression and the tips you included. I never thought of snipping it at the bottom to help with the fit, so thank you :)

    • I snip EVERYWHERE lol face sheets just never fit me properly, so it I find it essential to do so~
      lol I should include more scary face expressions :P

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