First time with Sasa…

*All products in this post have been purchased with my own funds*

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I dislike paying duty fees. If they increased the limited from the $20, I wouldn’t complain too much, but generally its a pain. I once had to pay duties because they misread the label and read it as $44, when it was x4. Yeah…was not fun when I asked for a refund for their mistake, as they only gave me the taxes back, not for the processing fee or something.

In any case, not a fan of duty fees.

Which is hard because I love shopping online.

Due to the various sales, I figured I would risk ordering from Sasa. Really…the products I got…I couldn’t help it :P

Sasa Order

I ordered…

  • MBD Black Pearl ~$10
  • MBD Q10 (I was actually sent the wrong one. I got Red Wine instead…) ~$10
  • MBD Sampler (which I needed for part of a friends gift) ~$16
  • Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara Waterproof ~$13US
  • Biore Men’s Nose Strips ~$4US (not pictures because I forgot about it)

When I ordered, Sasa was having a lower shipping promo. Shipping was free for orders $39US and over (which is still in effect right now!).

Everything was put in to a bubble wrap bag, wrapped than placed in a box. Nothing arrived crushed, and I ended up getting my orders in what I believe was 2 weeks.

The best part was that I didn’t get charged. Thank goodness. Seeing as T&T is quite far from me, buying the MBD online at Sasa make them more affordable, and cheaper (but a a few bucks).

Plus I FINALLY got to try the Fairydrops mascara that I kept reading about :)

Sasa Order
Sasa Order
Sasa Order

I’m still using it, so a review will follow later~

Have you ordered from Sasa before?

Browsing the website has been quite addicting…I want to try out the Nexus 3M Acne stickers next (Makeupwithdrawl aka Mimi mentioned them on Instagram. She labeled it as her HG, and so despite having fended off wanting them for years…I have begun to cave lol)

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