Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

Essence has released a few new products/additions to their current line (Well new to Canada, this product has apparently been out since March!). More stickers and loose glitter for nail art, new shades of lipstick, new eyeliners, and lastly new matte lip creams!

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

Seeing as I had a great experience with the Stay with Me, I wanted to check them these out as well.

The Stay Matt Lip Cream is just as it states, a matte lip product in a cream state. However I wouldn’t say that it is completely matte, as in the pictures you can see a bit of shine. IRL there is also that sheen, but definitely more on the matte side.

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream
Doe foot applicator

There was a red colour, but I figured I would go for the slightly pinker version, 02 Smooth Berry.

It has a slightly fruity scent. Reminds me of a candy but I can’t think of which one.

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

The Matt Lip Cream is pretty nice, I like the colour, and it goes on quite smoothly (though its easier to use a lip brush), just as it name would indicate. It wore 2 hours when I started noticing that it settled in to the lip lines, and 3.5 hours when I noticed that the colour wasn’t as vibrant as it was at first application. What was a plus for me was that it was more moisturizing than the NYX creams. I know that there were people who had issues with those ones, as they really dried out their lips. I didn’t have too much trouble with it, but if you are looking for an alternative, you might want to check these out. They are available at SDM for $2.99.

You can check out more pictures and blogs HERE :) We don’t get all the colours, well the store I went to only had two, but we can hope!

By the way, if you live in Canada, check out the giveaway post HERE


4 thoughts on “Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

    • thanks Jill~ Yes I have been really enjoying them! Might look in to the nude one…though I shouldn’t be spending -__- lol

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