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Another week has come and gone…
and it has already started off on a bit of a :S way. I was supposed to get up at 4am, so that I could cram for a few hours before my final…but…the body didn’t wake up. I don’t even recall the alarm going off! I woke up past 7, which was dangerously close to being screwed. Luckily, very luckily, the body decided to wake up, otherwise I would have have probably slept til noon, meaning I would have been screwed. Well that is currently my morning…but rather than concentrate on that, lets look at pictures :)

I have noticed that my pictures do not pop up if you use a reader, as I am embedding directly from Instagram, so you can check out my pictures HERE and follow if you’d like :)

Came home to my #bzzagent #bzzkit for the #CreatGoPro campaign. I actually like the toothbrush. Its what i use currently. Too bad it came w mini mouthwashes, as I won't be able to review it as well, but haven't tried the paste or the wash so let's see how
Got my Bzz kit! I really like the toothbrush, which I was originally introduced through a new dentist. You get that, “I used you for 1 month” softness, without actually having to wait that long. I got this free, and that means that maybe I’ll have fun reviewing it later, though its kind of hard to review things like this. I wonder if there is a toothpaste blog out there…lol
Oh essay writing. The love and hate relationship of my life. Hopefully only have to endure this one more year…we will see :)
Buff’d Cosmetics is a mineral company that is located in Vancouver. I have used their foundations before, and have mixed it in with my EDM and other foundations. I like how it keeps my oily skin at bay. Anyway, they are currently running a BOGO promotion, where if you buy 5 foundation samples, you get any 5 foundations free. It costed me about $10CAN, and well have liked the blushes that I got as my freebies a lot~
Calbee had these, SnaPea Crisps that I liked eating. So seeing as my parents were in the US, I asked my cousin to send a few with them. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to find them at her local WholeFoods, but she sent these ones a lone. I liked Trader Joes ones, and seriously think it is time we get something like that!
I had to go study on campus, so I decided to take a little detour. There is this area on campus called the “5 Minute Walk”. Seriously, I swear that when I first started at this school it wasn’t called that, but apparently its a name that has been around for quite some time. Anyway, I love standing here listening to the wind rustle through the trees. Quite therapeutic. I like doing it on the weekends even more, as I can stand there longer :)
Lastly I have Plastidip to share. My brother has used these since last year to coat the rims of his car. Well, every thing that he can blend in to the dark grey body of his car. I love how it feels, so I started using it on my Helmer. I needed a few more bottles so I got dad to pick some up while he was in the US. He came in to me and showed me the Canadian Tire flyer. He was astounded that it costs about $20 here, when he was able to buy them for $6 with taxes included. He felt so ripped off he thought he should have bought more lol.

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