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I ended up staying home last Monday for the long weekend, as I needed to tackle a paper for school. However my friend decided to unexpectedly drop by. I pulled out a bottle of Barefoot and we had a chat~ We were actually sitting in the kitchen, but for the purpose of the photo I relocated our glasses so I could take a picture lol

Some pretty, old, vintage books that are at the UTM library. There are even prettier ones at Robarts downtown…

I was watching a movie with my friend, when we heard weird popping sounds. I was a tad worried about it, until she exclaimed it was fireworks! It seemed that a family up the street was having a huge family gathering, and they decided to let loose some fireworks. My friend and I watched from my front porch After they very noisily walked back to their house, the police came to check out the noise :T

I was at Walmart the other day, and spotted these. I think they rebranded…cause I feel like I saw them when they were in super girlie pink packaging? Anyway, their nail art offerings were pretty decent, from tapes to stones to foils! There was even water nail decals of city maps and little icons and such. Definitely a fun thing to browse. Prices, if I recall correctly, were all under $4(maybe $5).

I had a few of my ladies come over for food and polish~ It ended up being a 7 hour play date xD Definitely had fun, lots of laughs…though some of it might be due to the polish fumes lol

Mom when she was about my age (latter half of the 20’s). Since it was her birthday, I wanted to share a picture to commemorate it on Instagram~


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