Many many years ago…

this woman (up there) decided to pack up and leave her home country. She passed a test on pure fluke (as she says, grace of God), and was able to come to Winnipeg Canada by employment. She didn’t stay there long, as her heart was set for Toronto, and there she basically remained.

Since I was young, and even til this very day, she drives me nuts. However, in the end I’ve always been very thankful. Despite the annoyances, she’s been a great support with patience in the areas I needed (just not in terms of marriage as she’s on my case again lol).

It’s her birthday today, so 엄마 생일축하해요~

(Just before she moved to Canada. I also think this proves where I got the love for winter came from:D)


6 thoughts on “Many many years ago…

  1. happy birthday wooooo! I’m glad she ended up here too, my friend had to do an interview in winnipeg and said it was freezing cold + boring. I forgot what else I was going to type here… crud.

    • lol K, you are too funny xD
      Yes mom wasn’t a huge fan of it, though she is more of a country type of gal. Anyway…my friend had to go often to visit her bf, and when he was at work, she was always SUPER bored. So she used that time to do work stuff instead, making her super productive lol

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