What lippie have you been reaching for?

Lipsticks I've been reaching for...

Well, lately I’ve been reaching for this trio (though today I opted for NYX Paris, and totally regret it -___-)

Lipsticks I've been reaching for...
MAC Speak Louder – Laura Geller (I’ll get back to you on the name) – Revlon Berry Couture

Lipsticks I've been reaching for...

I’ve been reaching for this trio for the main reason that I can build them up if needed. The Laura Geller is a nice colour that I can start off the day with one swipe, then build up towards the end of my day. Same with the Revlon Berry Couture. Speak Louder is a little different. As it is very pigmented, what I end up doing is dabbing it on my lip, then spreading it out with a balm. Then if needed, I go for its full potency during the evening.

Lipsticks I've been reaching for...

Anyway, it makes life simple. I’ve realized that I need to have some colour on my lips (especially during the summer), so this makes this easy for me. I don’t have to worry if I did something wrong, need to touch it up with a liner, or that it will fade oddly.

But that is the issue that I am facing with today’s lip colour NYX Paris -__-

It’s a tad too opaque for my liking, and I swear it is shifting on me!

Okay, enough of a rant…So dear reader, what is it that you reach for lately?

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    1. Meredith, you are too kind~ its all thanks to my poor photoshopping skills lol. Actually its because the pictures are so small, they actually weren’t that great pictures, but thank you!

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