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Beautiful #handpainted #chocolate #gnache #cake that @pamahla made. I may have just downed a slice of it...xD
A friend of mine is taking a course at a baking/decorating school, and luckily I was one of the recipients of her cakes :D This was hand painted by her, and is basically like solid chocolate lol Gnache, fudge, mold-able chocolate…basically this is just awesome!

Seeing as I basically grew up in the Westend of Toronto, I have spent many days at this station (TTC Kipling Station), waiting for buses and such…such memories. Especially of my brother and I running down the length of the station :D

When I was younger, there was a time when a childhood friend and I went to the park and just lay there, watching the clouds pass us by. I don’t have the luxury to do that anymore, but I hope that I will get a chance to do it again. Quite relaxing

a Friend of mine wanted to check out Biff’s Bistro for their $1 Oysters. Generally the service we received was okay, the food was a tad heavy on the salt, but I enjoyed my time there. I’ll do a write up later~

Lastly another picture of UTM. I needed to go so that I could pick up a book I needed for an essay. It is unfortunately a 2 hour loan book, but if you check it out at the end of the day, you get to take it home with you, and return it to the school the next time they are open. Seeing as it is the long weekend, I get to claim it mine until 8:30 Tuesday morning :) More than enough time to reference all the important bits in my essay. Anyway, the campus is usually quite empty during the summer, but because of the long weekend, it was even more so. But I like the campus like this, so no complaints from me!


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