Get It Beauty: Night Care

Get It Beauty, is a Korean Beauty Show, that is hosted by Eugene (most known for her musical days in SES, and for her acting. Plus she seems super nice). In any case, I caught an episode in Korea (back in 2010), and have enjoyed catching a show here and there.

This post is on Episode 9 of this season, and can be seen HERE, as they have all episodes on their website. Unfortunately it is entirely in Korean, however some of the stuff you can figure out just by watching.

Get It Beauty: Night Care
Anyway, this part of the episode was dedicated to helping you get your best sleep possible, and at the same time ensure that you are set for a great beauty sleep.

1) Smile line winkles
Get It Beauty: Night Care
These patches were so amusing! They are gel like that work w the frown lines of the face, plumping them up.

2) Nail Patch
Get It Beauty: Night Care
Get It Beauty: Night Care
Get It Beauty: Night Care
Get It Beauty: Night Care
Get It Beauty: Night Care

I missed how long you have to have these on, but they don’t look like they would stick firmly to the nail. Anyway, it is to help nourish the cuticles and the nail in general. Looks interesting, but I probably wouldn’t be tempted to try it. I don’t have patience for that!

3) Gel Gloves & Socks
Get It Beauty: Night Care

Basically they are wax (they likened it to paraffin wax at nail salons) like gloves that you put on after a treatment. Keeping the moisture in, and soothing the hands and feet. I personally love the paraffin treatments when you get your nails done, which is what they likened them too. Haven’t had one in AGES as I don’t get them done frequently, but it is a fun aspect to it.

4) Eyebrow Tint
Get It Beauty: Night Care
Get It Beauty: Night Care

Basically it is a tint that you apply at night to your brows. During the night it works to stain the skin, so that in the morning you don’t have to worry much about the brows, and could essentially leave home if in a rush. A lot of the women in the audience, and the hosts said that they felt rather naked when they didn’t have their brows done (as do I), so I can see this being something a lot of people would try out.

5) Sleep masque
Get It Beauty: Night Care
Rub it on, and it creates water drop like pockets on the skin. It was really weird! I couldn’t capture it at all, but take my word for it. It looked weird O__O

There were a few other things that they mentioned..

Silver Essence which is something you apply at night to your feet. It ‘meddles’ with the hormones to change the scent of your body. Yellow Capsuleswhich is an edible fragrance. For example, Rose Capsules makes you smell like roses.
Yeah…they were too weird :T I mean would you do that? I wouldn’t -__-

Get It Beauty: Night Care
Lastly Eugene shared her tip for her night hair care. Slightly dampening her ends, applying serums, and them wrapping them up with saran wrap for the duration of the night. That way the serums saturate the hair ends, and work to decrease splitting ends. Apparently it is something she is very diligent about. I thought about it, but haven’t tried it.

Anyway, it was a rather interesting episode, I wish they has more subs for it, but luckily a lot of it isn’t too hard to figure out. But if there are any questions I’ll do what I can to answer them :)

Hope that you are enjoying your long weekend! I’m hoping to get as much of my two papers down today so I can play tomorrow. Lets see how that works out! -__-


2 thoughts on “Get It Beauty: Night Care

  1. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW…..WHHHHHYYYYYYY? Now I will be watching all the episodes. tell me-where is the best place to get them? I will download them all to my tablet.

    • its an awesome show~
      I actually don’t know where to download it directly, but have been using torrents. They seem to be the only place available if I don’t view them on the website

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