Currently Obsessed with ON Rockstar’s

*Products in this post have been purchased with my own funds, and I am merely sharing because I think it might be helpful to someone out there :)*

I’m currently obsessed with…

Old Navy Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans!

First off, it is kind of hard to find comfortable jeans that fit my shorter and stouter stature. I have relied on buying jeans at Bluenotes (as they are relatively cheap when they are on sale), but I couldn’t find a pair of really skinny jeans.

ON Rockstar Jeans

That changed when I saw that Old Navy had skinny jeans.

Unfortunately when I bought my size and one higher, they didn’t quite fit right. I mean, I didn’t fit in to my size, and the one higher fit because the Rockstar Super Skinny’s have a great stretch to me, but I was muffin topping. Not a good look.

So I returned them. Sad.

However I decided to give them another chance, and ordered a size that was two more than my usual (and in Petite so they fit my short legs just right), and BAM! Perfection. Pairing them with a great pair of shoes has made me transition them in to night wear. Or I have tossed on my Adidas Superstars and made it laid back.

In any case, that, my dear readers, is what I have been living in.

ON Rockstar Jeans
Batman – Authentic – Polliwog – Blue Butler
(I even have backups of Polliwog and Authentic!)

Seeing as GAP Co usually has a lot of sales and coupons, each of those jeans costed me about $10 with taxes.

For the weather we have been having, they have been perfect to wear. So they are a little on the thinner side, but I think you could wear them in the winter with thermal underwear, or fleece leggings. Again, there is a high stretch factor to them, so they stretch with you. Another great thing was that you don’t have butt crack issues! I cannot be a victim of that

You can find them HERE on the Old Navy Website. Seeing as a lot of the colours have been on sale for many weeks now, there aren’t a ton of sizes left, but if you find something, don’t forget that they have codes on the website that you can use to save more :) And Ebates! If you don’t have Ebates and want to sign up, you can use me as a referral ( or not…doesn’t matter with me~


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