Have you managed to snag the Golden Touch??

I wrote about my Magnum experience HERE

The main reason, though the custom made ice cream bar is amazing…was to get the polish!!

I mean seriously…free polish is exactly what the doctor prescribed for this nail polish addict! haha…oh wait…or was it don’t prescribe…hmmm..

In any case I trekked downtown to snag my own bottle.

I know that a weekend after I went, my friends weren’t able to snag the Golden Touch Polish, however I have seen on their Twitter that they do have them. So I guess YMMV for it.

Magnum Golden Touch

Magnum Golden Touch
The hashtag xD and the warning…

Magnum Golden Touch
The Nails Inc LE Magnum “Golden Touch” is a nice foiled gold. I didn’t have troubles with applications, and this was actually only two coats!

Personally felt it was a little too yellow for my skin (and actually just a tad more yellow than the picture picked up), but it is still very fun to wear.

Magnum Golden Touch

Anyway, the bottle is 10ml, and you can only snag it by telling your servers that you would like the “Golden Touch”! Magic phrase :D

So, are you willing to stand in line to have a chance at snagging the polish…or am I the only one??


6 thoughts on “Have you managed to snag the Golden Touch??”

    1. Yup! Apparently you have to tell them u want the golden touch, as that is the magic phrase, or they dot give it to u. You also get good flakes on ur icecream bar~

    2. yup,when i went no one else asked for it and when i did the ppl behind me said hey how come u get one? lol i said i was special haha
      then told then ask for it “golden touch”

      1. Yay! Hope you like it :) It is always nice to receive an additional freebie with an already awesome deal~

        Anyway nice to hear you spread the love with telling others the secret phrase as well :) I’ve been telling everyone not to forget it^^
        Thanks for stopping by!

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