Playing Around with Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Polish

*Products in this post have been bought with my own funds, for my own amusement, and not sponsored*

Many weeks ago, Nail Polish Canada had announced a Deborah Lippmann deal. I think they were clearing it out? I can’t remember. I just know it was a deal, and I needed in on it.

Except I wasn’t allowed to buy stuff (personal ban).

Unfortunately, in the end, my need for DL polish in my stash won over.

Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Polish
(The magnetic set is still available HERE, not an affiliate link~)

Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Polish
I had actually wanted the other set, which had the purple polish, but it was more expensive, and couldn’t justify spending more than I really should have been lol

Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Polish
As with a lot of magnetic polishes, this had a notch that you lean on the nail.

Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Polish
In both cases, the polish went on well, but you will need to buff your nails as ridges show through. Or you could use a thicker top coats I guess~

Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Polish
I really liked the contrast of this polish better than the red, though they are both nice~

Anyway, for the price I paid for them (just under $10), not bad of a polish to have in my stash. I mean DL polish is usually quite expensive, so it is always great to snag them at a cheaper price. There are a few other polishes let on the site, but not much.


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