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Off near the Instructional Building of the University of Toronto Campus, there is this odd building. The best I could describe it as, is that it is some sort of man made waterfall generator. When the days are quiet, like the summer, the sounds of the water trickling down is just so damn peaceful. It made me forget what was going on…which is always nice

I have a few places around campus that I love. Some because of the memories that I have with them (which I might share later), or because of the fact that it has a nice view/peaceful environment. This would be one of them. This is take from the study area on the second floor of the Instructional Building on the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. There are these sofa seats at the window, and just…so pretty :) I don’t usually come here during the year as it gets really loud and rowdy at times. But during the summer…just…lovely *sigh*

I received the Sharpie Prize I won through the Target_Ca Twitter giveaway :) It was an awesome package…you can read about it HERE.

So…I don’t believe I had Kalbi last year…at least I didn’t have it at home. I am planning on having a few of my friends over in August, so mom made a special bulk purchase through her connections to get me a bunch. Unfortunately the price has gone up a lot over the last two years, and I spent double what I did two years back -__- But it is all in the good name of friendship and fun, so it is a great investment. Well, she decided that she should have some, as she is sick (has had a cold for the last week). But by wanting some, it automatically meant we all got to eat. So just past noon on a weekend, dad was out BBQing these babies. *insert drooling here xD*

Bar+ Karaoke
I like coming here after having some drinks at Junko. Usually very busy, and the individuals are typically quite nice. However had a rather annoying issue this day, and was completely not impressed by how the individual handled it. Young Man, when I tell you that there is an issue, I mean that there is an issue. I have been going to Karaoke for more than half your life. Sheesh. Luckily I was in great albeit slightly intoxicated company, and it was a blast watching them belt out old school Korean hip hop, rap, and pop :P

I had met up with Kelly over at Glitter Diaries on Sunday, and had a lot of fun chatting about life, beauty, and the random. Seriously, I am always thankful for the lovely individuals I have gotten to know both off and online through the blog :) Anyway, we thought we would make a trip through Holt Renfrew, and guess who I should accidentally bump in to? None other than MakeupbySand (Facebook & Blog)! Now one of the reasons I love Sand, despite only haven’t met her twice, is that she a true passion, this drive for life. And it translates well in to her artistry as well. She is currently at Holt’s for Giorgio Armani, and it was just a lovely experience. Basically what I really enjoyed was the fact that Sand would tell you about little details that really personalizes the product. It helped for me to have a great respect for the man, and for his products. I loved that she kept checking in to see what you thought (especially when she was doing Kelly’s foundation and eyes), and that she was engaging throughout the entire time.

Now I know that Giorgio Armani is a little rich for my blood. I mean, seeing as I still technically a student, paying her own bills and tuition. However after seeing the Lip Maestro on Kelly, I had to rethink that! Actually I also need to think about the Luminous Silk Foundation after seeing how natural it was on Kelly as well.

The picture I shot is of the Armani/Prive Haute Couture Fragrance line. It ranges from $160-275, but what attracted me to it most was the fact that it was so simple yet powerful looking. The Stone toppers are actually correlated to the fragrance names. And I learned that the line was originally created for his close friends. How amazing is that? To love your friends so much, you want to create something beautiful for just them. Just brought a smile to my face.

Anyway, I might do a mini photo album on Facebook later…when I’m feeling better (currently bending over the toilet…as some say, visiting the porcelain god -___-). I only took a few more pictures, but generally I would highly suggest you check out Holt’s at Sherway if you want to check out Giorgio Armani makeup. Not only is Sand very helpful and informative, I also loved that the Armani section is a little more private than the other areas. So if you get shy, you can hid behind the divider as you get your face matched up :)


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  1. I feel the same way about Giorgio Armani now too! I’m more convinced that I will need to buy some things from there & will definitely hit up Sand when I do :)

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