Why is glitter so fun???

*The products in this post were given to me as a gift by a lovely friend*

I blame my mother. She also loves shimmery, glittery stuff. Thank mom :P

Aritaum Glitter

A while back, my dear friend DA/Y unni sent me a care package of goodies.
Oen of the items in the package was this Aritaum glitter topper.

Seeing as I don’t have a lot of Korean Brands, it is always a delight to me to try out new products. This is a glitter polish from Aritaum (I couldn’t find the actual link for the glitter though, so I’m just linking their Korea site). I think Aritaum is their house brand, and then they house a bunch of other brands in their stores. I had gone in to them while I was in Korea, but didn’t really pay much attention to them. I really should have, as their polish is quite nice!

Aritaum Glitter

The pieces of the hexagonal glitters are a little large, and well that means that on my curved nails, it does tend to stick out a bit. Usually what I end up doing is wait for the polish to dry a bit, and then press them down. Then slap on another fast drying top coat to hold it in place.

Aritaum Glitter

One issue that I did have with this glitter was that it didn’t seem to spread itself very well. I had a glob of glitters on one part of the nail that I had to push about to try and even it out.

This Korean Blogger has great macro shots of the the polish. She had done several coats, and you can see it sticks out a bit. I do like the mirror-like effect it provides, but not a fan of the fact that it can be difficult to manage.

However the colour is lovely, so I love it despite its flaws :)

From what I can gather (as the label is super tiny) from the other Korean Blogs, this is not a regular sized polish bottle. I think about 12-13mL. And around the $4CAN range.

Anyway, I am off to meet a fellow blogger whom I have not seen since I met her a year and a half ago! So excited for our mini play date :)


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