Oh how this delightful Sharpie prize makes me smile…

*I won the products in this post through a #FridayFanLove giveaway that @target_ca hosted*

You see, I’ve always wanted to buy a bunch of Sharpies as a kid. But it was something frivolous that I couldn’t ask my parents for (I mean really, what was I going to do with all those Sharpie markers?).

So I stuck it out.

Then I got older and wanted them, but the reasoning still stuck with me. “When will I use all those different colours?! But I want them…”

But then, a delightful day came. Target hosts a #FridayFanLove, and it was a giveaway of a bunch of Sharpie products. All I needed to do was tell them what I would remix with Sharpie’s. Personally it would be binders, as I am still technically a student…so that was what I told them.

A week later BAM! a DM shows up and I am told I won.

Then this little package showed up quietly on my doorstep yesterday (no really…I heard the front screen door open…but didn’t hear anything else. Got curious so I went to check…and there was my package!)


They even included a lovely HAND WRITTEN card! Gotta love that, seeing as I’m old school lol

Sharpie Limited Edition 80’s Glam Set

I had actually seen this at Walmart when I bought my fine tip Sharpie’s (which I mentioned HERE), but didn’t end up getting them…So glad that I didn’t :P

Stained by Sharpie, Fabric Markers


I got these guys, which I have never used before. I might send them to a Pastor at my church, cause she is the Director for the summer camp program. I’m sure the kids could use them to design their shirts for field trips :)

Sharpie Blade Highlighter (Chubby 3 Line Widths)

Gotta love chubby highlighters that give you 3 different outcomes!


And finally…the one I was excited about…

Sharpie Gel Highlighter

You see, two years ago my friend had given me one of these (not a Sharpie brand) when I asked for a highlighter. When I opened hers, I thought it had dried out. But NOPE it was just a different kind of highlighter. She had brought hers back from Taiwan, and I couldn’t find them in Canada at that time…

So I was super excited when I got them. I hadn’t realized when I had originally entered that they were even in the price pack!


This is the highlighter from the side

From the front

All the pretties with their swatches…
(I was writing the last bits of my paper when these arrived. So naturally I had to try it out on Plato’s Gorgias dialogue :p)

This is just to show you how much is in there. No products were harmed in this process


So a mini break down…

  • They won’t bleed through paper (thus great if you want to highlight something really thin…like the pages of the bible, or a long lost treasure manual…)
  • They are rather vibrant as highlighters should be
  • You can get two widths out of it, depending on which side you use


  • As you can tell from the last picture, it resembles a crayon in the way that it is drawn. So you will have mini gaps when you highlight something
  • Little chucks of the gel will break off, and if you brush them aside too hard, they will leave marks on the paper
  • The tip can get dull quite quickly, so you don’t be able to get a fine line out of it (So I like using one side/edge, and sticking with it)

You can find Sharpie products in a lot of different places. Walmart, Targer, Staples etc. You can also check out the range on their website HERE, or check out their Blog (I wanna try THIS idea that they posted).

Anyway, have you tried a gel highlighter before?

Are you addicted to Sharpie products??



5 thoughts on “Oh how this delightful Sharpie prize makes me smile…

    • haha in a way they are~ just a see through crayon :) Anyway, if you get an opportunity to try one out, I would say do it! Like if they had testers in a store or something. They are rather interesting to play with~

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