Late nights mean…

So as I sit here at the computer…
being up this late usually means only two things.
1) I am having trouble sleeping or
2) I have been plagued with another paper.

In this case it is both 1 and 2. I wanted to take a nap until 2am, so that I could write the paper in the next 12 hours after I wake…but that wasn’t the case.

I had started it last weekend…but was SO unsatisfied with the paper that I had to start again. It really shouldn’t be too hard, but I am writing on Plato (which is annoying because he is speaking through his hypothetical Socrates), and because of the fact that I have these Philosophical Superstars in my class, who will undoubtedly throw off the grading curve. And to think I took this class because I felt confident that I would get high 70’s -___-.

Well, in order to have something to look forward to, I was taking a minute to think about what lip colour I should wear in the afternoon…when I realized I still had pictures of Magenta!

So…I figured I could procrastinate a bit and write about it :)


I’m still trying to scrounge up more courage to wear bolder lip colours. I mean I can wear pinks like Revlon Just Bitten Kissable’s in Lovesick and Sweet Tart, or Revlon’s Lip Butter Lollipop and Raspberry Pie.

But for some reason, I am still having trouble pulling off the reds, or anything that moves towards it.

Case in point?

Face Atelier’s Magenta Lipstick

Face Atelier Magenta Lipstick

I picked this up back in December, when MuM was holding their sale, and was clearing out their stock of Face Atelier.

It was only $5, and figured that at that price, I would give it a try. Except when I got it, it looked really REALLY dark.

Then I applied it…and oddly it wasn’t actually all that dark. Well depending on the lighting I guess…

Face Atelier Magenta Lipstick

Face Atelier Magenta Lipstick
Natural light streaming through my window…

Face Atelier Magenta Lipstick
Indoor lighting, making it look more berry-ish.

I have mentioned before how much I do adore Shiraz, their Lip Glaze. So I’m glad that formula wise, Magenta was also such a lovely on to work with. It went on smoothly, and felt really nice on the lips as well. It is times like this I can understand why there are so many Pro’s out there who do enjoy using Face Atelier with their gigs.

You can find Magenta on the Face Atelier Website HERE, under the Power Play.

Face Atelier Magenta Lipstick

Face Atelier Magenta Lipstick

2 thoughts on “Late nights mean…”

  1. Oh I know what you mean about darker bolder lip color. Still working myself up to a nice rich red. I’m a huge fan of red red nails and I want to wear my lips like that too, but I’m too shy! Thank you for visiting my blog!

    1. I totally get what you mean for the nails. Love a blood red! I guess its cause it isn’t as noticeable as the lips on our faces? Anyway thank you for commenting :)

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