Illamasqua Prosperity Nail Polish

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*Products in this post have been adopted from another Blogger friend*

Many weeks ago, I adopted a bunch of polish, which I mentioned HERE.

Well this was one of the products that got to come home with me. Seeing as it was my first Illamasqua Polish, I was crazy excited :D

Illamasqua Properity

Illamasqua Properity
Illamasqua Properity

The thing about Prosperity, is that it is a trick!

Illamasqua Properity

It looks all normal on the outside…then you go to apply it and BAM it is like a dull vinyl. It is not a full matte, as it retains some of its shine, but just slightly.

Illamasqua Properity
Illamasqua Properity

I personally like it for the gorgeous purple that it is, as it looks in the bottle :) So I do have a few shots of Prosperity with a top coat on.

I added a top coat to the two middle fingers..

Illamasqua Properity
Illamasqua Properity

On its own, the wear time was decent, 2 days then I noticed wear. For me that is pretty good, as everything seems to chip on me the first day.

Of course I couldn’t resist topping off the nails with a top coat after I saw the two fingers that I swatched…

Illamasqua Properity


3 thoughts on “Illamasqua Prosperity Nail Polish

    • You know, I didn’t realize that’s what they classified the texture as. That was until I saw it on the website, and I was checking out the polish! haha…anyway, I do like the colour…but the rubber finish does throw me off even now.

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