Somewhat recent dress haulings…

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Pretty sure that isn’t a word, and yet it seems to flow so I used it. :P

I don’t usually like wearing dresses, unless the occasion calls for one. However this season seems to be different. I see dresses all over the place that I am interested in. Today I just wanted to share a few locations to check out, if you are on a budget, want something somewhat disposable, or just never thought of checking out.

Zeller’s Outlet on the Queensway
(Located at 1255 The Queensway, right behind the Mandarin Buffet)

Jessica Simpson ~$12 (Originally ~$80)
Recent Dresses
This was marked down, then an additionally 60% off. I wouldn’t say that this is the most well made dress, however I do like a lot of the designs from Jessica Simpson. Personally I also like her shoes. I find that they suit my arch quite well, so despite being high, I am quite comfortable. Unfortunately there weren’t any JS shoes that were in a price range that scream “TAKE ME HOME”.

Rachel Roy ~$30 (Originally ~$130 I think. Could have been more)
Recent Dresses
This was marked an additional 60% off. The print was fun, and the length is quite long, not quite the knees, about the calves. It also has an asymmetrical hem (not high low, but rather from side to side). Can you believe my mom is the one that selected this? Again, it was the print that drew her in. I know that people say you should dress your age, and I can agree for the most part. However, seeing as she didn’t get to wear things like this, my mother has been enjoying wearing things that are more youthful. She pairs it with a light white blouse, casually tossed over, or by wearing a blouse and turning the dress in to a skirt. The best part is that the elastic waist lets me steal this from her. Muhahahaha…

Suzy Shier $10 (Originally $40)
Recent Dresses
I was attending a birthday bash of a friend, and had NOTHING to wear. She said to, “come sexy,” and I was freaking out lol. Anyway, I did what I like to do in this situation, and headed off to Orfus and the small outlet strip west of Dixide, on Dundas in Mississauga. Suzy Shier was having a BOGO1/2 off, so I figured I could check out the dresses. As a heads up, I’m not sure if they still have it, however I found that the dresses are cheaper at the Orfus location rather than the Mississauga one. Either case I love that they have change rooms. Usually a lot of the stores at Orfus do not have one (actually I think Suzy Shier and Ardene are the only ones). Anyway I snagged this one. What drew me to this was that it has sheer panels. The ‘V’ at the neckline is sheer, and the whole back is sheer as well. Though it was pleather, because of the sheer panels and the fact that it was lined, I found it quite comfortable to wear, and did not find myself sweating like a madwoman. Score :) In addition, I got a lot of compliments on it. My only issue was that I found it short, but was told that it isn’t. I guess I’m just getting old…lol
Side story:

I was waiting at the subway station for my friend to arrive. I then saw this guy approaching the turnstile…thinking that he looked family. It was a guy from highschool. I mean I HIGHLY doubt that he would have recognized me, as it was nearly a decade ago, but I still turn to kind of hide behind a pillar lol

Suzy Shier $10 (Originally $40)
Recent Dresses
This was the second dress I found. I didn’t think I would fit in to this one, but when I tried it on at the store…success! Anyway, with the waist detailing, it gives off a peplum effect, but not quite. Oddly it is shorter in the middle (near the stomach), than it is all around…so that kind of bugs me. I may try to find lace stripping and have it attached to try and level it out…not sure yet. Anyway, it is a little on the form fitting side, which makes me feel nekkid (-__-) but I did like the effect it had, so I bought it.

Generally I don’t go to Suzy Shier. I can tell you that I have not bought anything from Suzy Shier since I was in grade 9/10. I know because I had to beg my mom to buy me these gorgeous high heeled penny loafer looking shoes. BEGGED. They were $25, and I loved them. However I only wore them to church, and got weird comments from the guys (that it was weird that a shorty like me was so tall), that I stopped wearing it. I couldn’t wear it to school cause of the grassy hill that I had to across to get there (it didn’t occur to me to change when I got to school lol). There were a few lace peplum tops that I was eyeing, but seeing as I was only interested in something I could buy for my potential night out outfit, I skipped.

Stitches $10 (Originally ~$25 I think, well it was between 20-30)
Recent Dresses
This was a surprise. I actually have two other dresses I bought from Stitches, and really like. They are rather plain, but with a few adjustments (like changing the buttons to something more classy), I was able to turn the dresses so that they fit me better, and looked nicer. Plus this store is always cheap for dancing clothes. They actually had a few dresses for $10, but this one drew me in the most. I wasn’t actually going to wear this out for the birthday event, but it would have been lovely to wear with a string of pearls that I could have borrowed from mom…if it didn’t have an exposed piece in the lower back. It was like a weird “wth?” moment for me. The other thing is, that I didn’t expect it not to have a zipper. Because of that, I have to do this weird wiggle to get in to the dress. Not a huge deal for the price, but do check to see things like that if it does matter to you. I actually really like how the top part of this dress fits. Really emphasizes a flattering hourglass type look (basically it gives off the illusion that I have lost some weight, which is always nice to have).

Anyway, so that is the dress haul summary for me. Basically if you are in Etobicoke, you really need to check out Zellers. The problem is that it is a huge store, and there is just SO much stuff (shoes, tops, bottoms, etc etc), so will take a LOT of time to sort through. But if you have some time to spare, it is relatively well organized by size (s, m, l) so you could sort through it that way. I do find that this one worker at the change room a tad rude, but luckily they are too busy with other things to bother you too much.

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  1. The Suzy Shier pleather dress doesn’t look that short though, you must have enviably long legs! Perhaps the next time you can model your dresses? Would love to see you wearing them!

    1. Thanks Blair for the comment :)
      I WISH I had long legs, but alas, its just that the skirt is on the shorter side. I mean I can still bend over without scaring people, but still short enough to make me feel a tad worried. Anyway, thank you for the encouragement :)

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