Making a trip DT for…Ice cream?!

*Magnum has extended their shop closing date til the END of August! So go check them out :D*

Haha…yes indeed I did.

I had to go out anyway to pick up a cheque, so I figured I would also make a trip to the Magnum Pleasure Popup Store. Mainly for the ‘Golden Touch’ Polish. I had found out through @watercoloursky who posted her picture


You do have to pay for the ice cream bar, but it is a custom made bar (I paid $6 for mine), and you get free polish. To me, it was worth it.

So what did I get in mine?




  • Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
  • White Chocolate Dip
  • (accidentally got) Dried Coconut (I think she misheard me…)
  • Macadamia Nut Pieces
  • Crumbled French Macarooms (That is the middle chunk)
  • Toffee Bits (I loved this one)
  • Chopped Hazelnuts
  • Popping Candy
  • Than White Chocolate Drizzle to keep everything stuck to it
  • Gold Flakes


Basically they have three categories of toppings: The Specials, The Classics, The Experimentals (which includes Popping Candy, Rock Sea Salt, Grape Nerds, Chili Flakes, and Bacon Bits!)

You also have the option to choose the Magnum Favourites. Which just means they are bars with toppings already selected for you.

Anyway it is located just west-south of Yonge & Bloor (11 Bloor Street West), at the old FCUK location. I believe it will be open until July 28th? But not 100% sure, so if you wanna go make sure you go sooner than later :)

You can also check out their Facebook Page

In terms of seating, there is quite a few spots at the back of the store, and I found that by the time you have your bar made, you will be able to find a seat. So you should be safe, unless people end up chatting. However seeing as it is rather warm lately, if you do that you will find that your bar will be a gooey liquid pile.

(Love this piece :))

Also, you should note that will need to wait a bit, so be prepared for that. I would say depending on the time of day about 30mins seems to be the average.

I unfortunately had to wait ~45minutes in front of a rather obnoxious couple that was just spewing so much negativity about their work place and coworkers, it made me really wonder why they bothered to work there. So unfortunate that their coworkers were being roasted without their knowledge :T

Anyway after that trip, I went to the SDM at Spadina to pick up water on my way home.

There I saw this awesome La Roche Posay Travel Kit! ($5 La Roche Posay Discovery Kit, but there are I think 4 different boxes in total? Maybe 5)

For $5+Tax

I haven’t been able to write about the Thermal Spring Water I got last time (HERE), but it is my finest mist! Love it.

So basically this kit was worth it for me, even just for the Spray. I believe I have tried the Toleriane before, but not 100% sure. I know that the cleanser I used was good, just a tad expensive. But if I do like it, I can always use the coupon :)

Anyway, I haven’t seen this in the Westend, but apparently it has been out for a few weeks. So if you are interested in a nice refreshing spray (with many additional benefits) I would suggest you look for this kit at your local SDM.


6 thoughts on “Making a trip DT for…Ice cream?!

  1. ouu I wonder what the bar would taste like with all the toppings :P….It’s too bad the magnum thing is only opened till the end of July.. I won’t be in Toronto until mid-august! And the “free” nail polish makes it totally worth it!

    • I know right xD I mean Nails Inc polishes are already about $10, so I don’t mind paying 6 for the bar :P especially cause I did enjoy the custom bar~ Anyway, I’m hoping that the might extend it because of the popularity, or at least come back! Heres Hoping :)

    • I heard from a few of my friends who tried going on the weekend, that they are now out of the polish! :(
      Not sure if they will restock…but was nice while it lasted~ Still you should check it out, its still quite yummy :)

    • After I saw you mentioning it, I had really wanted to go, so I’m glad I got a chance AND was able to snag free polish XD

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