A belated dedication to Canadian brands…

I had originally wanted to get this out for Canada Day, but didn’t get the chance to work on them (Mac charger issues).

But I did still want to share about them, so here we go.

Being Canadian, there is some pride in the products that are created within Canada, or at least represented in Canada. That fact is that the market just doesn’t have enough of it. So it is always great to be able to suggest something that is of a Canadian background, and have someone love it.

So that is the purpose of my post today, I just want to be able to share a few brands that have popped up over the years many times, but to share a few things through pictures, and little blurbs. That way someone who might be looking for “Canadian makeup brands” or “Canadian cosmetics” will be able to see a few of the ones that I am relatively familiar with, and perhaps check it out for themselves. I know that there are still more brands, natural, smaller, larger whatever, but seeing as I haven’t tried much more I can’t really write on more.

Canadian Brands Canadian Brands
Personally I love the Cargo blushes. They are one of my favourites. I had Molokai (that someone ended up stealing from me. Jerks), Rome, and Mendocino. All of which that I loved, and still love. I’ve always wanted to add Key Largo, and Laguna, but they take forever to get through so I never did end up getting any more. I do like their glosses, but found that the time strip made me toss them before I could even finish them off OTL. They don’t have the polishing cloths anymore, but I bought a bunch of boxes when they were on clearance from Sephora, and have been using them up since (I wonder if they will ever bring it back). Anyway, I think everyone should have at least one product from Cargo, because of the traditional tin. So if you do check out one product, I would suggest you check out their cheek products :)

On that note, Sears seems to be clearing out the Cargo line. That always worries me, but the discount is currently at 30%. I was at Square One about a week ago, and the selection, though vast, was disgusting. I should have taken a picture, but it was just too pitiful that I forgot to. Basically people have swatched everything in sight, and broken pigment dust has been left all over the remaining products. Just not how you want to see a brand treated at any time.

Canadian Brands
Canadian Brands
Canadian Brands

I should really show you how many Zebra Bronzers I have at home. I had received one from the company a long time ago, bought 5 at the Lisa’s Sale for friends but ended up keeping two. Then got another HUGE version of the Zebra from the company…and damn. It is just as fun as people say it is. But takes me forever to use up! Which I guess is a good thing :P

I depot most of the cheek and eye products that I get from Annabelle. I just like stuffing them in to my MUFE magnetic palette. Anyway, the Mono shadows are now DC’ed, but if you get a chance to check out a warehouse sale where they are featured, I would totally suggest you check some of them out. So Foxy is still one of my go to brow colours, and luckily I hoarded a few. Bare Naked is also another one of my go to colours for brow highlighting or general blending. The smoothies are awesome, as well as the now one year old (Happy Belated Birthday) TwistUps! Personally the ones that I have tried feel like smooth colourful balms on my lips, but YMMV.

Canadian Brands
Canadian Brands
Basically the gateway for me here was Sweden, that and the fact that Rexall had a BOGO deal and I was able to snag them for a really great deal. USA is a lipstick that a lot seem to love. I do love the colour, despite it being a bit drying on me. However I LOVE my Sweden, and my newly mentioned Denmark. I want to possibly add Belarus to the collection in the future. Eye Wonder has been mentioned a few times, and well it helps smooth out the eye area at night, so that my eye makeup application is smoother. Plus any dryness I experience near the inner corner of my eye is basically eliminated by this.

Cover Fx and Face Atelier
Face Atelier is geared for the Pro’s, but I got to dabble in it through IMATS.
Canadian Brands
Canadian Brands

The Face Atelier oxidizes on me a little, but I mix it with a really light BB cream, so it kind of levels it out, while giving me more coverage that I need lately. My personal favourite is the Lip Glaze Shiraz that I got to snag, and man…still love. I personally find CoverFx to be great for the times I know I will be sweating it out (so out dancing, or hitting the beach…or trying to hold on to some vanity while exercising lol). When they were revamping the line, I managed to snag a few extra things, and am cherishing them all (especially the brushes :)).

Canadian Brands
Canadian Brands
Truth be told, Annabelle and Marcelle were the doors that opened me up to the views of the drugstore makeup. Before that, I had been burned by a few other brands, and therefore neglected it. Not only has the brand been extremely engaging online, but generally just a pleasure to get to know over the years.

I’ve also found that there are products that I have become dependent on. Some of those would be the BB cream, the lip and eyeliners, lipsticks, and the pigments. The products are pigmented, and generally you can find something that should suit you.

I know there wasn’t much in terms of specifics, but if you need any information I will be gladly to tell you. Otherwise I will try my best to update the pictures with titles. In any case, these are just a few brands that I thought to mention and emphasize, as they have become staples in my routine, and easily suggested to my friends.

*There are products in this post that have been provided by the company for review purposes at some time (namely the few Annabelle and Marcelle items), but the large majority has been bought with my own funds. Merely to satisfy my own MU addiction problem haha*


8 thoughts on “A belated dedication to Canadian brands…

  1. I’m definitely not as well-versed in Canadian brands as you are. I had no idea cargo was a Canadian brand and as you know I’ve just discovered Annabelle…nice to know Canadian companies are producing some quality products :)

    • I only recently knew about NARS being made in Canada! I bought a Sephora Favourites box, and on the back it said Orgasm was made in Canada. Never knew that :P

      Anyway, it is nice to know that they made some stuff here as well~ but I always enjoy it more when the brand is from here and remains here. Says a lot to be able to hold out on their own in such a American dominated market~^^

  2. Great post! I will be sharing my huge Cargo haul in an upcoming post too. It really sucks that you couldn’t find a lot of unused stuff there. I also LOVE Face Atelier’s Ultra Pro Foundation too! I need to restock on that at IMATS.

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