Loreal Spring 2013 Polish Line…

*The products in this post have been won through a giveaway that was hosted on the brands twitter. Views are my own*

I know…there is a lot of polish related posts lately. But with the warm weather, and me wanting to do my nails as much as possible, well…I can’t help it.

Anyway, I have noticed that some places still have this, and others are clearing it out…so figured I would share.

Loreal Spring 2013

Part of their Spring 2013 line (Google), I was lucky to win the final week of their (I believe) 10 week giveaway!

The colours are bright and fun to wear…but some come with their issues.

Loreal Spring 2013

Loreal Spring 2013
Crazy for Chic 110
Best in terms of formula. Much easier to use than New Money (which I had a bit of trouble with). Stains a little. Two coats was enough
Loreal Spring 2013

Members Only 112
Formula was pretty good as well
2 coats was enough
*I have no idea where the heck the picture for Members Only went :(*

Orange you jealous 109
the formula was on the thick side. Hard to work with. Took 3 coats to even things out.
Loreal Spring 2013

New Money
An interesting colour, but the formula was on the thick side. Hard to work with.
I messed up and tried to patch up the middle…which is why it looks quite bad. My bad.
No staining
Loreal Spring 2013

Royally Reinvented
Formula was pretty good, but my ridges are emphasized. So might need to buff before application. Loved the shine. 3 coats
Loreal Spring 2013

Not a cloud in sight
Surprisingly I loved this colour! On me, it leaned more green, but in the bottle it is more blueish. At first glance it seems similar to China Glaze For Audrey, but it is darker and leans more green than For Audrey. Its funny though, For Audrey leans more green on me as well. Anyway this baby does stain a bit >_<
3 coats
Loreal Spring 2013

Skittles that I did, with diff patterns. Or I tried…
Loreal Spring 2013


Decided to do a sponge gradient
Top to bottom: Members Only, Orange You Jealous?, Crazy for Chic


Crazy for Chic


Half Orange You Jealous, half Members Only. Used Art Deco Bright Orange to line the middle


Members Only with Orange You Jealous sponged on top
(I should have used a lighter hand, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind)


Anyway, for the ones that I liked, I really did like them. The formula for them were great to work with. The others, well I would suggest that you have a bottle of thinner ready, as that will definitely help you out. Otherwise the price for them is quite good, and they just have a lovely shine and durability. Plus their colours are irresistable :)

Loreal Spring 2013


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