Oddly, a fun hot pink polish…

*The products in this post have been adopted from another friend*

So here is another nail colour I wanted to share~

This is part of a massive adoption that I mentioned in THIS post.
Anyway, the polish is quite awesome, mainly because it dries matte. It is a bit loud in its colouring, but still a fun colour to wear during this summer. On top of that, if you wanted to add a top coat, it gives off a gorgeous shimmer. I didn’t photograph it with a top coat, so you will need to trust me on that one (Or check out the additional pictures on Google HERE).

NOPI Still into Pink

NOPI Still into Pink
I mean isn’t the texture of it pretty cool?

NOPI Still into Pink

NOPI Still into Pink

Mum saw me swatching this and has painted her toes with it. Inspired by the nails in korean dramas, she adding American Apparel Supernova to the tips. She was very proud of herself lol


2 thoughts on “Oddly, a fun hot pink polish…

    • Thank you for ur comment~^^ I actually thought it’d be too bright for me but was surprised when I put it on :)

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