When it gets too hot to do anything…

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Hello everyone~

So if you are in the westend of the city, I do hope that you have power now. It has been tough, and I know a few who have yet to regain power even as of this post. My house got our power back yesterday just before noon, and I was super thankful. Was really getting worried about all the food that we have in the fridge.

Anyway, I had a whole write up, but the WordPress App deleted it, and well…I don’t feel like writing it all up. So I will summarize.

  • The part of my street was flooded, water gushing back up the man holes, overturning the manhole covers
  • 3 cars got stuck in the flooded area
  • We had water issues at home, but not a true flooded basement, luckily…as the flooding started from my neighbours house (directly beside me), and kept moving down the rest of the street
  • The library near me has been shut down, as I believe they got flooded as well, they were hauling things away yesterday afternoon
  • A street that is perpendicular to mine was flooded out of their homes. They had all packed up and left at some point yesterday

That’s about it. I did have an issue with this random person complaining that they didn’t have power for a few hours Monday night. I was at SDM when I overheard this. Pissed me off that people were being stupid. Again, I nearly didn’t have power for 20 hours, and there are still people who don’t have power now. Yet you have the BALLS to complain that you don’t have power?! Get out. Yes, I wasn’t too happy about that. Anyway, I had to skip school for many reasons yesterday, but back at UTM today. I’m hoping that the expected thunder shower doesn’t do too much damage tonight *crosses fingers* here’s hoping.

Let’s move on to the blog post…

Lately it has been a tad warm in Toronto. Seeing as I don’t deal well with humidity, that can always be hard.

The thing is, I still need to go through the motions and do my face…even if I don’t really feel like it.

So basically this little product has been a big help.

Basically this handy little dodad, is a product that is to help emphasize your natural eye colour. With a shadow on one end, and a liner on the other, it really does help to simplify things.

Annabelle Rollerball + Liner

we have a liner on one side…
Annabelle Rollerball + Liner

and then a gorgeous shadow on the other…
Annabelle Rollerball + Liner

Annabelle Rollerball + Liner
Annabelle Rollerball + Liner
Left to Right:
First first is when I rubbed in a tiny bit in to my skin.
Second is just rolled on to the skin
Third is lightly patted on top of a primer
And then squiggles and lines of the liner

Annabelle Rollerball + Liner

My liner skills with this type of brush is non-existent, as you can see. Even with my GOSH Art Extreme liner I use another brush to draw the line. This one is thicker than the GOSH one, but if you are like me and have issues with drawing lines, you might consider using another brush as well.

However this product is nice because the shadow gives my eyes a bit of a lift, and still lets me get through my routine faster. Plus the colour is super pretty~

You can find this at Rexall, SDM, and online HERE

6 thoughts on “When it gets too hot to do anything…”

  1. I’m a heat lover, so now that it is finally hot I am happy! Unfortunately my basement was pretty badly flooded, the 4th time since we have lived here, last flood was in 2001. Glad you didn’t get flooded!

  2. That flood was crazy! I live about two hours from Toronto and it was drier than dry here while you guys got soaked. It was like your version of “Snowmageddon” we got a few years back when our city was basically shut down for three days.

    Anyway, I just looked at the green eye version and love the looks of the purple shades, I’ll have to go hunt one down!

    1. Definitely something to check out :)
      and -____- yeah that was pretty bad as well. my friend was telling me the same thing. She was in the finch area, and had to drive home more north…it just got drier and drier for her. Which is good, I wouldn’t want people up there being stranded~

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