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So apparently this little coding that I did above this, should embed an Instagram photo. However it doesn’t work for me. Wonder if it is because of the theme…hmmm…
Anyway I went out to meet friends. We chatted over St. Louis wings (I had Hotter Than Hell, and LOVED it. So good…drooling as I think about them now…) Then headed to my friends Condo to chill on the patio. Toronto is so lovely…

Ahhhh BANANA! #despicableme#despicableme2 #minion #mcdonalds #happymeal I need the minion who is holsin the banana!! ps thanks @beautymoogle for the heads up :D
This is just too cute. McDonalds released the Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal Toys, and I had to hunt them down. This one is so cute cause it laughs…then gets confused as to why he is laughing xD So me…

#banana!!! #despicableme2 #dave my week is now complete and I can stop stacking #mcdonalds lol #happymeal
The next day…I made it a mission to find the Banana Dave toy…and I did!

I believe that the #thermalspringwater is the finest mist I have (finer than #evian or #avene). #anthelios seems okay for face, but will report back later. Had to get another #duoeffaclar cause my friend adopted the other one haha @larocheposayca #skincar
This was picked up early last week. The Thermal Water is quite nice because it is a VERY fine mist! Love that aspect of it. The Anthelios dries down fast, but I have a feeling it is making me break out…

Went to #walmart to pick up #sharpie ultra fine markers. Didn't want to go to the ridiculously long regular checkout, so I used this as an excuse to buy #montagnejeunesse #peeloff #selfheating #masques #excusesexcuses
Seeing as school starts back up on Monday for me, I needed to spend my time getting some stuff done. I headed to Dollarama to pick up storage cases to organize, then headed to Walmart for Sharpies and Ice Coffee. The Line up was HUGE so I figured I would buy two Montagne Jeunesse Masques to check out at the makeup section. The Self Heating Masque is new, so I wanted to give this a try~ $2 each isn’t too bad at all~

Always amuses me when I see the plants growing here..
I see this little plant growing at Lawrence Station, and always amused by it. It just isn’t a typical place to see them, so makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)


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