Just added a little red…

Hello Folks!
Thanks for sticking around :)
I edited some pictures on my friends Mac, and then trying to upload and schedule a bunch of pictures for next week. But I wanted to share this one today~


I didn’t do much for Canada Day, rather stayed home and had a play date with mom, running other random errands (thank goodness for open Asian Markets and SDM!). I decided to pay tribute by adding a bit of red to my EOTD.

I used…
NYX Palette that I adopted from my friend @watercoloursky (used the top row, 2nd colour from the right, and bottom 1st from the left)
Annabelle Smudgeliner in Oh My Goth
Exposed Organics Ruby’s Secret (bought this one a LONG time ago and NEVER used it -__-)
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study

Left to Right
Bare Study, Ruby’s Secret, NYX shadow top row 2nd from the right, NYX shadow bottom row 1st on the left.

All I did was use Bare Study as an anchor, applied Ruby’s Secret to the outer part of the lid, and pulled it slightly in to the inner. I applied the goldish NYX shadow to smooth it out for the inner part of the lid. Slapped on the eyeliner, and then used a tiny bit of the white NYX shadow as more of a highlight for the brow area.


2 thoughts on “Just added a little red…

  1. Hi ~! I’m always hesitant about using color eye shadow but I think this looks really pretty :)
    Happy late Canada day. I’m a Canadian too :P tehe.

    • Thank you so much Marie :) I do agree it can be hard to wear them, so I try to stick with one colour and mix a neutral. Kinda helps like this case~
      Happy belated Canada Day to you too! and thank you for stopping by and commenting

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