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Happy July Everyone!

Here is another week of my Instagram updates. Come follow me HERE

Started off the week w #pizzahut#buffet#lunch ^_^
I met up w a good friend of mine, whom I haven’t been able to have time to catch up with. We chatted over a Pizza Hut Buffet. $6.99, though the pizza’s were not stocked frequently enough. There were times where people stood to go get food, only to sit back down and wait. But I still enjoyed what I had so oh well~

#Essentials to help me get through the next few hours of my day...#dietcoke#freezie#icepop
Still tutoring at the moment, so I needed a few things to try and keep me cool. Blue Freezie and Diet Coke FTW

When there was the Polo #ralphlauren store, and my mother was inside looking for cute things she could force my brother and i to wear...we were here. we played around this #fountain it's a lovely spot that I hope #sherway never gets rid of~ #childhood#mem
A long long LONG time ago…there was Just in front of this fountain, on the other side of the Bay, there was a Polo Ralph Lauren store. The store was very busy inside, and I didn’t like going in, so while my mother shopped for cute things she could force us to wear, my brother and I played out around the fountain. Hopping the little bumps, or pretending to play duck duck goose…oh those days were funny. Anyway its such a peaceful area…which I love seeing~

Gotta love coming here. The workers are always so enthusiastic. #music#love#life
Long & Mcquade Mississauga. First time here but I really REALLY liked the layout…was drawn to buying a clarinet and a violin…but…not at this time. So instead bro picked up his pedal and we headed out. But boy was this a fun place to browse~

We devoured this #dufflet caramel#cake like no ones business...okay maybe I ate more...
Craving cake so I bought one to share today…was okay. In terms of my love for Dufflet cakes, I prefer the ones that I can get in the actual Dufflet stores. They just taste richer. It also might be the fact that Target Freezes Dufflet cakes. That may have affected the taste…not sure.


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