June in Pictures (22-28)

*Most products in this post have been purchased by me, but there are a few I haven’t. I have indicated them in the post, and colour coordinated them*

So Tamara over at Beauty Thesis, posted a new photo a day for June. Anyway, I wanted to try and participate but decided to lump them…You can see the first 7 days here, the next 7 HERE (June 8-14), and the next 7 HERE (June 15-21).

22 summer essentials
June in Pictures (22-28)
Hand held fan. Usually its those Sandalwood wood fans from China town, which is sold for a dollar. But I haven’t restocked on them, so I am left with Hello Kitty. I hate carrying this around cause my friends always tease me…”Dude, are you sure you are 2__?!” -___-

Baby Wipes. I put a few sheets in a ziplock back and carry it in my bag (or at least I try to). Basically it is for those occasions when you have disgusting heels after wearing flip flops for a few hours. Or if you drip an ice cream all over yourself.
Hand cream because you want to have nice soft hands xD
Sunscreen (in this case I am testing out the La Roche Posay Dry Touch Spray), which you NEED for the summer. You want to protect yourself!
Hand sanitizer. I know the BBW don’t have a high enough alcohol concentration, but its better than nothing when you are out and no place to wash up.

Physical “Sunscreen” (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide), for the times you can’t reapply sunscreen over your makeup, thus better than nothing times. In this case I have an Everyday Minerals container which I have custom mixed an Everyday Minerals foundation and a Buff’d Cosmetics Foundation.
Emulsifying Oil Cleanser, in this case Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil. Basically, Because I use other setting sprays like Model in a Bottle, Ben Nye Liqui-Set etc, I need something that can break it down at the end of the night. I would usually reach for Marcelle (which I do use for a general cleanse when I get home and I feel like I must wash off I don’t know how many ml of oil that has been produced on my face…), but find that this really gets through EVERYTHING.
I totally forgot to add it, but a spring water spray is also essential. I have recently added LA Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water to my collection. But use Avene, and Evian as well. Anyway these are great just to spray over the face. Feels nice~ And helps with sunburn irritation should you have any.

23 nude lip
June in Pictures (22-28)
June in Pictures (22-28)
June in Pictures (22-28)
There are a few others, but these are the ones I wanted to share…
Marcelle Waterproof Lip Definition in Truly Nude (Picked this up at Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale)
Benefit Cosmetics Lady’s Choice (One of my favourites! This is the second one)
MAC Shy Girl (MAC Warehouse sale)
Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait (Gifted a while back, and ALMOST finally done)
Vasanti Sweden (Another one of my favorites, and again on my second bullet! Wait…or third… :S)
I never thought that I had really pigmented lips, until I swatched today lol. Basically I applied Marcelle’s Lip liner in Truly Nude, and it blends right in to my lips…um…and I had thought that it was rather on the dark side when I bought it! Lol So yea.h…apparently I have pigmented lips O__O
Anyway, I don’t go really too light, because they tend to wash me out, and I feel rather uncomfortable. For example, Revlon Color Burst in Soft Nude. I bought it cause everyone raved about it…but unfortunately it just looks REALLY awkward on me. So despite the fact that these are pigmented in a rosy, pinky way, they are ‘nude’ for my lips :)

24 What in your beach/pool bag
Um…I don’t have one…
If I did, it would be my Babu Mat that you can sit on, baby wipes, a good book to read, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, towel.

25 pedicure
June in Pictures (22-28)
You know, I’ve had this bottle of Blue Cross for EVER! I picked it up when a Blogger (who is not blogging anymore, but Jnie thanks for the rec on this :)) shared about it on her blog. Basically I rub a drop on to my cuticles, and wait. Drop some more, wait. Then use a brush to swipe back and forth, and push back. Soft Socks that I am wearing about (which I got from my friend H xD Apparently if you wear them to bed, they help you sleep better. Dunno about that claim but I think they are super soft~), that I pull on after rubbing in a bunch of Vasaline. The butterfly green separators are from DA unni, which I love using. They are probably my first pair. I used to just use tissue woven through the toes.

26 waterproof
June in Pictures (22-28)
Generally when I think waterproof, I think Make Up For Ever.
Ben Nye Liqui-Set (purchased from IMATS)
Marcelle Lip Definition (makes a double feature here today, as they are waterproof as well!)
Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer
Make Up For Ever Eye Seal
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner
Urban Decay All Nighter (adopted from a friend)

27 pink
June in Pictures (22-28)
I have way too much of this colour around me…for someone who claims doesn’t really like pink O__o
Anyway, the blue dots represent things I won through various giveaways, green dots are products that were directly or indirectly provided by a company for review purposes, yellow are gifts or adopted products from friends.

28 smile!
The lighting and shadows make this look creepy but mehhhhhhh!

Had a bit of a rough day today, so I’m staying home tonight.
Hope that you all have a lovely start to your long weekend!
Later Folks~


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