My little SOG collection

*All products in this post have been purchased with my own funds*

oh man. I hate when i schedule something at the wrong time. This was actually supposed to go up in the PM not the AM -___-

Anyway, in a few hours I will be sharing the Finger Paints LED Curing light HERE

However I also wanted to show other SOGs in my small collection.

Finger Paints Soak Off Gel
Finger Paids SOG
It’s a Master Pink
Art You Sure
(I bought these when Sally’s had a B2G1F)

One of the issues I have with the Finger Paints is the in accuracy of the colour representation on the bottles handle. The colours are MUCH lighter than it. So if you think about checking it out, check out swatches online first!

Otherwise I love the polish as it cures exactly at the time it tells you it will. Plus it flows on the nails really well. You will need three thing coats to get even coverage. And I wish they would come out w more colours!

I had come across a SDM that was clearing out a bunch of products of the Sensationail line, so I snagged the Essentials kit, and the SOG for $2 each. There were two of the little bottles in one box, and were part of the 2012 Holiday Collection if I recall correctly. at least the red and the gold were. The square bottles are how they usually look, and are larger.

Finger Paids SOG
On a side note, I gotta love that the base coat and the top coat is one bottle! It makes things easier as you don’t have to struggle with another bottle.

Finger Paids SOG
From top to bottom
Sugar Plum – Ocean Sparkle
Red Glitter – Midnight Rendezvous – Royal Ruby – Gold Glitter

Sensationail can be found at SDM or you can find them at Nail Polish Canada

I have to say that I love the glitters that I have from Sensationail! They look really good and aren’t too patchy when applied. The colour coats will require three thin coats order to level out, but that seems to be the trend. Also they can be found on sale once In awhile, making it more affordable.

Quo by Orly
I basically wanted to try out SOG’s when I saw the Quo by Orly ones being released in SDM long ago. But investing in the lamp, and all those little bottles of polishes was just not in the budget. Then SDM started selling them…

Finger Paids SOG
The first one is red shimmer. There wasn’t a sticker so I don’t know the name
Silver Shimmer ‘Get Noticed’
Luckily, SDM was clearing out a bunch of shades…so I picked up these babies for $2 each.

Read a great post on the Quo by Orly, and other info at Canadian Beauty. Better before and after shots as well.

Quo by Orly can be found at SDM.

I love the two colours that I have, but the Quo by Orly is just a tad thicker than the other two. Depending on the person this makes it harder or easier to apply. The one thing I like about Quo by Orly is the collection of colours. LE colours and then they have their regular collection colours. Plus you can find them on sale or bonus optimum points, making them more walker friendly like the Sensationail ones.

On that note, fellow blogging friend Jenn shared this yesteryday…

Orly Smart Gel LED lamp. I had done a bunch of researching when I bought my Finger Paints one, and I believe this is the smallest, more compact on the market!

Check out the video of Orly at CosmoProf 2012

Isn’t that AWESOME?! I am not sure how the pricing will be, and I would worry that it wouldn’t cure the sides of the nail correctly, but those with flatter nails would sure find this handy. I just wish it wasn’t pink -__-


2 thoughts on “My little SOG collection

    • I know~^^ super cute~ wish there were options for other colours, but the fact that it is super compact makes me want to ignore the colour.

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