Finger Paints SOG and other lovelies…

*All products in this post have been purchased with my own funds. I am sharing because well heck SOG’s are pretty awesome:)*

I’ve wanted to do soak off gels for a while now. But the thought of being stuck with one polish colour for a few weeks wasnt quite that appealing to me. When I had head about at home SoGs, I Just couldn’t invest in it. Then I realized I could use those coupons that Sally’s Beauty Supply does, and well this baby came home with me one day xD

Seeing as I have had it for over two months now (wow time flies), and have done my nails several times, as well as friends, I wanted to write up on it.

But first, let me spam you with pictures!

Finger Paids SOG

Finger Paids SOG

Finger Paids SOG

Finger Paids SOG

Finger Paids SOG

Finger Paids SOG

Finger Paids SOG
The only issue I have with the Finger Paints LED Curing Light is the little lack of quality control here. Other than that…nothing else seems to be out of place.

The light automatically shuts off at the 30s mark, and lacks a 60 second option. Not a huge deal as I press it again anyway. But some might not see it that way.

You want to find the “finger sweet spot” when you get it. Meaning some may need to angle it to get optimum lighting.

It is light, in terms of weight, and well apparently can last many many MANY lifetimes lol I just hope that it will last 2 years. I will be happy with that. The lamp is roughly $75 at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Finger Paids SOG
Finger Paints Soak Off Gel Its a Master Pink
Finger Paints Soak Off Gel Jacqu-Art
Finger Paints Soak Off Gel Art You Sure?
I bought these when Sally’s had a B2G1F so they were roughly $11 each opposed to the regular $16.99 tag

Finger Paids SOG
Finger Paids SOG
This is the SOG after a week. I didn’t cap the nails this time around, so it looks like tip wear, but it really isn’t. If you cap the nail, you won’t see the bare nails at all.

In terms of curing the capped nail, personally I flip my hand over, palm up, and curl my fingers a bit like I’m holding a ball. Then I cure. Not sure if it is necessary but I felt being that they cured correctly.

Finger Paids SOG
Finger Paids SOG
Finger Paids SOG
The first two pictures are of the polish fresh (I think it was the day after application)
The last picture is I think after a week?
You can see that the gel has chipped from the nail bed a bit. That is because I didn’t push back my cuticles properly. Other wise this polish almost lasted two weeks before I got so sick of the length and colour I HAD to take it off.

Finger Paids SOG
Finger Paids SOG
I used Sensational Sugar Plum, and Finger Paints Its a Master Pink. I only did 2 coats of colour, but I should have done 3, as you can see patches. With the Finger Paints LED Curing Lamp, you will need a few extra seconds in curing the Sensationail polish. Otherwise I found that the colour bleeds. Which means it hasn’t cured properly.

Finger Paints Soak Off Gel LED Curing Light

Sally’s Beauty Supply has a blog post HERE

Check out Finger Paints Facebook Page HERE for inspiration. If you live in the US, they also have printable coupons :)

Have you thought of checking out SOG’s? Then here are some things to note…

You may want to check out this post, this forum, and this warning.

Basically the one thing I BEG you not to do, is flood your nails with SOG polishes! There is a reason that the instructions state that you should avoid contact with your skin or cuticles. So please, PLEASE ensure that you be very careful. I wouldn’t want anyone to be a victim of a SOG polish gone wrong :(

Also ensure that you have cured each layer as it is required. If it says 60 seconds, DO 60 seconds. Improperly cured gels can lead to reactions as well. If you over cure, you start breaking down the product. If you see colour on your wipe, then it means that it hasn’t cured thoroughly.

If you like changing your polish frequently, as I do, and letting that hold you back…don’t! What you can do is apply the SOG polish, and once all cured, you can apply regular polish on top. To remove the regular polish, just use a non-acetone polish remover, and VOILA! Your SOG polish is be intact, and ready for another coat of regular polish :)

A final note, if your last cure is still sticky, its because you need to clean the nail. The sticky part is apparently just moisture that the lamp draws from the product. So if it feels sticky, that is the reason why.

Just another reason why you need to read the instructions :) I didn’t read all the way through and hadn’t realized it lol Now I know better and keep a set of instructions in my box of SOG polishes.


2 thoughts on “Finger Paints SOG and other lovelies…

    • Hi there~

      Yes, for Soak Off Gel Polishes, you will either need an LED lamp or a UV lamp. Some polishes are ONLY UV, so you will need to double check. All the polishes I have in this post, you can use the LED for 30 seconds to cure, or use UV for 2 minutes.

      Anyway, I know its pricey, but they do have the new KISS ones, and they are about $35CAN. I have read a few bad things about them, but with Walmarts great policy it should have you covered. Hope that helps :)

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