Essence Color & Go polish in Break Through

*I won this as part of a giveaway that was hosted on Twitter by the brand. I was not asked for a post, but wanted to share a cheap thrill*

Essence Color & Go Break Through #132

Essence Color & Go

Many moons ago, Essence had a giveaway on Twitter. I won. I was excited. I mean is anyone not excited when they win something?

Well, there were a bunch of new things that I won, that was to replace some of the items that were in the current line (at the time).

The nail polish was one of them. Personally I loved the little cylindrical bottles of polish they had before, but I do like the idea of the reformulated line.

Essence Color & Go

By the time I applied the first coat of polish on the last nail of one hand, the first finger had dried enough that I could touch it, and I wouldn’t see finger prints. I mean in that sense, it does satisfy the ‘Go’ part of the name. The time to dry does get longer with extra coats, and I would suggest that you let them dry well enough before you go ahead with another coat.

Essence Color & Go

Essence Color & Go

Essence Color & Go

Essence Color & Go

What I love about the line is the brush. Now, I didn’t capture it enough, but one of the things that make nail polish application a breeze, is the brush shape. You want one that flares in a way that it compliments your nail bed. That way you can follow the curve, and hopefully avoid polish all over the cuticles, and surrounding skin area. So that is why I was pretty happy with the cut of the brush. It flares rather nicely, and makes getting the right shape easier.

Essence Color & Go

It also helps that the line is relatively cheap, and there are a bunch of colours that you can explore.

Wear was pretty decent considering it doesn’t cost very much ($2.49 if I remember correctly at SDM). I would suggest that despite the fact that it is super glossy on its own, to apply your go to chip-free top coat. For me, that would be the use of Gelous, which seems to be working quite well for me at the moment. Yay!

I should look in to checking out a few more colours soon :)


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