Instagram prints from Black Photography

*Products in this post were purchased with my own funds. I was not asked to post about this, but wanted to share a decent promo on prints*

Last week, I saw a tweet this little tweet…


Of course I knew I had to check it out!

I did, and here are a few that I selected from my Instagram

A few of the prints I got from the #blacksphotography instagram promo (10 4x4 prints for a $1 check their FB page).

They have a blog post HERE about some of the items that they have to offer. If you go in stores, you should be able to see a display that advertises the products. I got a shot of what was available at the store I went to.

<a href=”; title=”IMG_2271 by Rasilla, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”357″ height=”500″ alt=”IMG_2271″></a>

Some things to note:
– the less you have messed around with the picture (in terms of filters) they will turn out a little better
– pictures without borders are a tad better, because the boarders get cut off one some sides
– some pictures do turn out a little darker. I didn’t try it, but I think there is an option to adjust the brightness of a picture on the kiosk screen (at least for regular prints they do).

Generally the promo lets you get your feet wet in terms of getting used to the new 4×4 size. It is pretty cute, and I already have a few of them put in books, agendas, and posted on the wall.

Price seems a little high, as each 4×4 print is regularly priced at $0.35CAN (I think that is what it said on the kiosk), but they are pretty decent.

I’m actually interested in the posters and canvas of the instagram pictures. I saw it in store and really liked how it looked. May have to consider checking it out if they hold a promotion on them.

Anyway if you want to check it out check out their Facebook Page.

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