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If you get a #happymeal check the side of the box for a free kiddie cone punch out #mcdonalds#icecream#yum
I met up with fellow blogger C, and she treated me to a Happy Meal :) Well on the side of the box, there was a punch out for a free kiddie cone. I haven’t redeemed it yet, but hope to eventually.

I’ve only had homemade Sangria, but the one at Milestone’s wasn’t too bad at all. I met with a friend, and we chatted over drinks.

#bloorwest is having a #sidewalksale#toronto#sale#InstaSize
Bloor West (Runnymede to Jane station) was hosting a sidewalk sale of sorts. For a Friday early afternoon, it was quite busy with individuals of all ages, snacking on hotdogs, drinking fresh lemonade, or checking out various goodies that stores had to offer.

Just over a week and still going strong #nofilter#fingerpaints#sog#soakoffgel#gelpolish#nailaddict#notd#artyousure#led
I will have a post about the Finger Paints Soak Off Gel Polish soon! I have pictures ready, I just need to get thoughts together for the post. Anyway this is the Finger Paints SOG polish in Art You Sure? that has lasted just over a week. I am trying to be good and keep it on til it starts breaking down.

Had 3 of these #fruitpunch #phillyswirlstix in the last 30mins -__-
It was SO hot that I had a few of these Philly Swirl Stix. They were on sale at Costco so my mother picked up a box last week. So thankful she did

A few of the prints I got from the #blacksphotography instagram promo (10 4x4 prints for a $1 check their FB page).
I placed an order for the new Blacks Photography Instagram Promo that they are running on Facebook HERE. Really do like how they turned out. Will be writing about them soon (maybe today). You may run in to issues trying to claim the promo, as I did with my store. You will have to show them the email, the facebook post, and then the SKU at the bottom of the email. At least I did :T

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  1. I have an obsession with popsicles right now! Especially the ones that have differen’t layers of flavor, hehe. We need to meet up sometime!!

    1. Kelly I do agree :) I haven’t seen you since that first Annabelle launch, which is ages! Maybe you me and Cherz can meet up soon?

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