Cherry Blossom stroll through High Park…

Back when the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom, I had wanted to go and check it out. But with this and that happening, I didn’t quite make it in time for the peak bloom. However I got to enjoy the company of @itscherz while strolling through what was left on the trees.

High Park

Though a lot had fallen to the ground, at least there was still some pink on the trees :)

High Park

And there were still photogs who were interested in taking pictures

One day I hope to catch them in actual full bloom. But seeing as I don’t like crowds…I wonder how that will turn out.

You can check out the High Park Cherry Blossom website for more info next year :) They will post day to day information in the forums, which can be quite helpful.


2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom stroll through High Park…

    • Before 2012, I hadn’t gone into the park either. I had stayed near the exit to play games with friends. Its nice if you want to take little kids to the public zoo, or just stroll about. Other than that, I dont think you are missing much~

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