June in Pictures (15-21)

*All products in this post have either been purchased with my own funds, or were gifted to me by friends*

So Tamara over at Beauty Thesis, posted a new photo a day for June. Anyway, I wanted to try and participate but decided to lump them…You can see the first 7 days here, and the next 7 HERE (June 8-14).

15 Glow
June in pictures
June in pictures
Benefit Watt’s Up
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
Marcelle Light Effect Face Powder Equinox (Discontinued)
MAC MSF Redhead
MAC MSF Soft and Gentle
MAC MSF By Candlelight

Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up, well I wasn’t originally a fan of the birthday gift, mainly because the They’re Real Mascara doesn’t agree with my lashes too well. However I found that the Watt’s Up was a surprisingly great way to introduce to me a nice highlighter. Being as stick product, it does give you more control over where to apply, and to keep it tote-able. I also liked how it blended down nicely in to my skin, without making me look too crazy (not that I would mind overly shimmery stuff…I like them xD). Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is nice. Blends down pretty easily. Marcelle Light Effect is very smooth and fine. Unfortunately it is discontinued, but I love how it looks. The MAC MSF’s are lovely. My first was Soft and Gentle, and then I couldn’t help but getting more and more…well I would get more but luckily I have been able to avoid the MAC Warehouse Sales lol

16 What’s in your purse
Being a student (for a rather large majority of my time), I don’t carry a purse. When I do, it is just the makeup bag, agenda, pencil, external iPhone charger, and wallet. That is boring, so I skipped this one.

17 Favourite Summer Collection
Actually, I try not to follow collection details. I know. Crazy. However with me trying to save myself from going nuts on products, it’s the only way.

18 Gold
June in pictures
June in pictures
PUPA Luminys Eyeshadow #18 (Discontinued)
Wet n Wild Coloricon Trio I’m Getting Sunburned
Stila Eyeshadow Trio Gold Glow
(Pupa is the most glittery out of the three)
Ah gold. Such a lovely colour to use as a default shadow colour. The Stila Trio is great cause of the colours. I used it non-stop for near a month one summer. The Wet n Wild Trio is really pretty. Again the shadows are pretty fine, and super pigmented for the price you pay. PUPA I believe that this one has been discontinued. Really glittery but is really pretty. I actually like the few that I have from them. Other great golds are Annabelle’s Goddess that you can check out HERE with a bunch of other gold colours in my stash.

19 Hydration
Surprisingly I’ve been failing at hydration lately. Bad. I use McDonalds iced tea as my hydration, and that is pretty pathetic of me, seeing as hydration should be water.

20 Raving Recommendation
My usual’s are UDPP, MUFE anything, Marcelle BB, Green Beaver Grapefruit Cleanser, Avene Thermal Spring Water, Ecotools, Batiste…etc…

However I wanted to share a few other things.

June in pictures

We have Clinique sample size shadow and blusher (which I got from my friend). I actually have been loving the gold part of the Beach Plum Shadow Duo. I am loving the MUFE Aqua Liner, which has taken me awhile to get to. I had originally bought one during the IMATS Toronto 2011, but ended up giving it away to a friend. I rebought one for myself from the IMATS Toronto 2012, and well have been LOVING it. Especially as the weather gets warmer, it really does stay put for 9 hours on me. Which is pretty good. I have been using the MURAD Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser since late 2012, and am currently going through my second trial size bottle (got a set from my friend, and ordered another online). Gelous is one that I encountered through Scrangie. This has worked pretty decently so far, better than Seche did (it always made me chip pretty easily no matter what I did). A tad pricey, but will last you awhile. I received MAC Crosswires as a belated gift, and OMG I love it. I really do think that everyone should check it out. MUFE Aqua Brow is also quite nice for the warmer weather, and if you don’t mind using a brush, is something you should look in to if you draw in your brows. Finally I totally forgot to add it in my picture -___- but I have been recommending to friends who go to Asia to find the Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge if they can. I do enjoy the colouring despite the bitter taste of it.

21 Look: Night Time Glam
June in pictures
June in pictures
I know this isn’t really night time glam. Usually I would go darker, but seeing as it is warmer, I let it be a little lighter.
I used the colours in the Gold Post. So I used the Stila Trio, and the gold in the Wet n Wild Palette. I used Laura Mercier Cake Liner, and normally would add lashes, but didn’t want to risk an allergic reaction so I skipped it for this look.

Since I already have a post up, I also wanted to share shoes that came in this week.
Basically Aldo was having an additional 15% off sale items, and there was Ebates promo, so I put in an order for a pair of wedges I’ve been wanting since they were released a year ago. I finally have these babies in my hands!!

June in pictures

Aldo Wedges in Deavila. They were $27.99 + 15% off + 8% cashback + HST Tax

Which makes these babies just under $25. I am totally happy with that. I have been defaulting to Stitches for cheap wedges, which I lived in last year. However this year I have found that one of the pairs cut up the back of my ankle (badly). So I did need a pair that was comfortable. One of the things to note, the Deavila does run larger than normal. People did mention that online, but I thought cause I have wide feet, that I would be safe. Nope. Though 37.5 (38Eu) should be okay, it is a little loose. I will probably add a pad at the base of my toes, for added comfort, so it should be okay. But I would consider buying the 37 for a better fit if they had it.

June in pictures
June in pictures

I also picked up the Perusia, which will have to go back. I love the way they look, and they are surprisingly easy to walk in…if they fit me. Again I got a 37.5 (38Eu), and they were WAY too small for me. Like I had to pry them off my foot. But DAMN are they pretty…no?


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