Enjoy shopping from home with RW&Co

*The following products in this post was purchased with my own funds. I just wanted to check out an online store. I was not asked to post this view.*

Several weeks back, I saw a tweet by RW&Co, annoucing free shipping with $75 purchase. I figured I would check out the stuff they had in store…

an hour later I had an order put together haha (online shopping addict here…).

I bought regular staple pieces several years back, but haven’ really bought anything from them in awhile. I loved their dresses, but unless it was wedding season, there was no real need for me to check out the store. Until now. I have found several more relaxed pieces that I have added to my wardrobe, and have enjoyed.


Well they are currently running an additional 40% off sale, so I figured I would finally post my review on the online shopping experience.

Here are a few things I managed to pick up.
Flower Detail Printed TShirt
You can find this HERE. I actually want the green printed one, and it would be just under $3! xD

This shirt isn’t available on the website anymore. But I do like it…though I had a few issues with it. I’ll expand in the notes down below.

This top isn’t available on the website anymore. I liked the material, but didn’t realize it has an exposed back panel. The panel…didn’t seem right to me, so I had to return it.

This top isn’t available on the website anymore, but it has been stolen from me by my mother.

I did pick up sandals I had been checking out since they launched their footwear line. Their Colour Block Sandal, but though they fit my wide feet, they were way too long for me. So for shoes, I would suggest you check these out in stores to get a better idea of the sizes available. Otherwise they are pretty nice! The print and then the gold contrast was just lovely~ Plus I have always had a bit of a fondness for t-strap sandals~

Everything was packaged in clear plastic bags on their own. They even included their tote bag, that you usually get when you buy something in store. Great to tote the returns if you have any. Turn around time was actually quite decent, I ordered on a Saturday, and then received my order Tuesday (Montreal to Toronto).

Here are some things I would like to note.

First off, DONT TAKE ANY TAGS OFF BEFORE YOU CHECK YOUR STUFF! This is something I usually do, but because they were in separate plastic bags, I figured things were fine and dandy. Well the pink top I mentioned above, there was a tear in the fabric, where the pocket attaches. You can see a little black dot at the upper left hand corner of the pocket. There was also this weird smudge on the sleeve of it. The other merchandise was generally okay, though I didn’t feel like the back panel of the green top was even, which is why I returned it. I think the pink top was an anomaly and didn’t both complaining about it. I should have looked it over before I took off the tags.

Second, you have to pay for shipping to a home address, no matter the amount. There is not free shipping minimum order, unless they announce a promotion like when I bought this order. So either wait for those, or have it shipped to a store :)

Ship to Store
Flat rate shipping Free 5-7 business days
• Enjoy FREE shipping.
• Safe, secure delivery!
• Convenient pick-up locations.

Canadian Rates and Services
Flat rate shipping $7.50 5-7 business days
• Orders are shipped via Canada Post or Purolator, depending on the delivery address.
• Express shipping service is not currently available.
• RW&CO. gift cards are mailed to recipients by regular postal service at no charge.
• Note that for orders containing both merchandise and RW&CO. gift card(s), the gift card(s) are shipped separately from the parcel containing merchandise

Straight from the website HERE

Thirdly, they have descriptions at the bottom of the page, that informs you of the material and other details. READ THEM! Sometimes they will give you a heads up on the type of look the top is supposed to be. For instance, if it is supposed to be worn loose or whatever. One of the tops I got my regular size, but the way I would have liked to wear it, I should have gotten a small.

Lastly, I found returns to be quite easy. I did mine in store, which was hassle free, but you could ship it back to them as well. I love that you can return sale items, because really I think you should be allowed to. I personally don’t agree with final sale merchandise for online stores, as it can be really hard for you to decide if you really want it. This way it is easy for you to get it, and return in the case it didn’t work out for you.

Within 30 days of purchase, all purchases from rw-co.com can be returned either at a RW&CO. store or by mailing the purchase back to RW&CO. Exchanges must be done in a RW&CO store location only.

Straight from the website HERE

Anyway, as I was writing this, I saw a top I wanted…so I might put in an order to ship to a store. Its only two tops. Psst they are both with zipper detailing. LOVE zipper detailing :P

As I was browsing, I noticed a few other things. If you can pull it off (cause I know I can’t) check out THIS printed flower dress. So pretty and flowy~ Or this Gladiator Sandal,a Lace Peplum Top, or a Romper for romping.

Have you shopped with RW&Co before (online or instores?)? Have you checked out their revamped, brighter lines yet?


4 thoughts on “Enjoy shopping from home with RW&Co”

  1. Yeah that random see through panel in the back of that mint top is just weird looking.
    I like the shoes! You might have enabled me to go look at them!

  2. I liked the neckline and material on that shirt but the back panel was weird. How would you wear it without showing your bra?! I’ve also found their return policy very good. Never buy stuff full price when it first comes in, wait awhile and then they have a 30-40% off sale.

    1. I don’t actually know…I ended up returning it without even trying to figure that out lol. I would assume some would just wear it showing…but I don’t like it that way. And totally agree w you on the sales. They have great sale promos, so that is usually when I buy as well :)

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