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Just saw this when I logged in to #wordpress a little amazed. What started off as an outlet to share a very bad day in my life, turned in to something I cherish. I've had a lot of fun all these years dabbling in writing about music, books, Korean dramas,
While I was up writing a a final paper, and a mini response paper to Nietzsche, I logged in to WordPress for a second…to see this pop up. I wrote more about this HERE. But if you don’t check it out, and you see this, I want to thank you too :)

I want #cottoncandy #mississauga#cloud#sky#bored#InstaSize
The earlier part of the week wasn’t all that lovely. Gloomy really. But one day while on the MiWay bus back to Etobicoke, I looked up and craved cotton candy. Yum.

I didn't know it was a #Canadian thing, but was totally excited to see a #buttertart recipe in this months #canadianliving when I make mine, I'm going to skip the raisons :D #sweet#dessert#yummy
I received one of my 3 issues from SampleSource. It is for Canadian Living, which I had a subscription to a few years back. I actually really enjoyed it then because it wasn’t overflowing with ads. Plus they always have these recipes that I love. And this months was no exception. I LOVE Butter Tarts. When I go to Mandarin, I always eat a bunch (totally regret all the fat I am eating…but can’t help it). However I love Butter Tarts WITHOUT raisins. I will go out of my way usually, especially if they are rather large, to spit them out. Luckily this recipe allows me to omit them as I wish :)

Recently, I have been a tad worried I might be diabetic. I shouldn’t be worried, but I mean with all the sweets I do eat…I should. So I have made an attempt to do exercise regularly (not just when I am pissed off), and to add more vegetables in to my day. One way for me to do that is to dump things in to a smoothie and gulp the thing down. I have Rasberry, Blueberry, Spinach, Tofu, and then decided to add some Black Sesame. Omg the black sesame was a huge mistake. It was the reason why I ended up gulping it down without breathing. It was too -___-

#Sweetride. Not sure if I had that kind of money, I'd buy one. However it was pretty nice to look at. Also the doors were awesome xD
Apparently it is a Mclaren. We were all trying to figure out what it was, then this grade 12 student stands up, and goes, “It’s a Mclaren Model blah blah blah..” I miss the days I used to know what model cars were…haha or not. I had a highschool friend who was OBSESSED with cars. While driving down the road he would always point out the models and year… -_____- He used to beg me to go to auto shows with him as well.


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