A little girl talk…

…about the monthly period. So more on that after the jump :)

Always Infinity

*Products mentioned in this post were provided through a campaign on Bzzagent. I am a Bzzagent there, and received a package of the Always Infinity for free to test out and review for the Bzzagent site. I was not expected or compensated to blog this post on my blog.*

So several weeks back, I got approved for a new Bzzagent campaign. It was my first one in a rather long time (little over a year?) so I was excited. The draw back? It was for pads -____-

But little did I know, the “-___-” would be replaced by “O___O”.

When I received my kit, there were instructions to do your own demo for the two different types of pads. The regular cottony ones, and the new Infinity ones.

Always Infinity

So what does Always have to say about the pad?

The first sanitary pad of its kind, Always® Infinity® offers women powerful absorbency like never before. It’s made with an über-absorbent material called Infinicel™ that has the power to absorb ten times its weight, yet remains unbelievably light. With a dual Flexi-Wing® design that fits the curvature of your panty, Microdots™ designed for super-fast absorption, and an incredibly soft cover, Always Infinity is amazing. Heavy sanitary pads are longer than Regular hygienic pads, helping to provide more coverage on heavy days.
Found on the website HERE

I did a video, but iMovie…plus the fact I didn’t know what to do…lead to a crappy uploaded version. The original file was just over 300mb…while the new one was 12mb. I don’t know how to increase the file size. You would think I would have learned that by now…

Anyway the point is that the video is pretty crappy…with no sound because I forgot to add one haha…thankfully I didn’t say weird things or hum…I think. You will hear clicking I think haha…

Always Infinity
Always Infinity
Always Infinity
So the big thing about this pad was the spongy feel of it. The older more traditional pads are more cotton pad like. As you can see in the picture.

The biggest thing for me was the size of it. I mean look how thin it is in comparison. Well personally I only used this thicker version once. I usually buy the regular ultra thin versions of Always at Costco. However a few months back I suddenly ran out. I thought I had an extra box in the closet, when I didn’t. So I ran out to SDM to pick up a box. This was the only one they had on a really great sale. However the bulk of it made it uncomfortable and I only used it at night.

However it is still thinner than the ones I usually use.

Always Infinity
Always Infinity
The other fun part was the way that it was created. You see, there is a back part that has strips that have been cut out of the pad. Then there are holes that have been punched out of the middle of the pad. I mean with all those holes, you would think that there would be an issue. However in my experience, it wasn’t what I expected. The material eagerly soaks things up, and I didn’t have any accidents. I know there are others who had had issues, but luckily I didn’t.

Always Infinity

Always Infinity
Always Infinity

Always Infinity
The one side draws away the moisture…
Always Infinity
The other side holds it in!

What is also fun was the two layers. One pulls the moisture away, and the other locks it in. You can see that the green part is the part that locks in the moisture, and the one that remained white, is what pulls it away from our body. That is always a plus, as there was a pad before that had a slightly plastic-y layer…as you can imagine it was uncomfortable.

Though the claim is that it can hold 10x its weight, I think this is where a few people may have ran in to problems with leak issues. If you squish a sponge, the liquid seeps through the sides. So maybe that was the issue for some. However in my experience I didn’t have any issues, so personally I liked it. Not sure if this is what was usually stocked at Costco, where I usually bulk my products, but if they do, I would probably get it. Since I don’t usually buy them at regular stores, I’m not sure if this is expensive, but check out the prices at well.ca for a general look at the types, stock, and pricing.


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