June in Pictures (8-14)

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So Tamara over at Beauty Thesis, posted a new photo a day for June. Anyway, I wanted to try and participate but decided to lump them…You can see the first 7 days here :)

8 What’s in your makeup bag?
June in Pictures (8-14)
June in Pictures (8-14)
Sephora Mirror that you get from a their gift card
Shiseido Blotters that I have recently received from my friend
Hard Candy All Lid Up (picked this up a few weeks back…I’ll hare it later)
Perfume paper that I sprayed at Sephora. I liked it so I kept it in my MU bag
Tootsie Roll candy for pick me up situations
Tokidoki Roller Ball
Advil case that as Advil and Allergy meds
Revlon Soft Rose Lipstick
BBW sanitizer
Excel Mint Case (see next picture)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow pencil
Skinfood Lip and Cheek
Annabelle CC Powder

June in Pictures (8-14)
Inside the Excel case I have…
Nail Clippers (for hang nail emergencies)
Bobbi Pin
Eyeglass screw driver
Hair Elastic
Goody Spin Pin (See below…)

9 Reflection
June in Pictures (8-14)
This took a lot of maneuvering lol

10 Summer Style
Summer style…Don’t really have much. Boyfriend Jeans, and Wedges are my go to.
I started writing this post late, so I don’t have a picture ATM, I’ll try and fix a picture soon.

11 Bronze
June in Pictures (8-14)
For Bronze I think of Bronzer.
You know… I took this picture last year. I had pictures all ready for a post, but the colouring wasn’t up to my satisfaction. So I never posted it…but I guess I should.

12 Last Makeup Purchase
June in Pictures (8-14)
June in Pictures (8-14)
It was $75CAN when it was first released on the Sephora website (now it is $90CAN) and I couldn’t resist. It has 5 full size products! Anyway I haven’t used it yet because I might return it…But it is a great deal

13 Primer
June in Pictures (8-14)
Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), and CoverFx are usually my go to products for primers. However I do have the Benefit one in my stash (from a Sephora 500pt redemption, a product that doesn’t really agree with my skin). I also have sample sizes of the Korres Primer. Not too bad. Then there is the Marcelle BB which I use as a primer when my skin is REALLY bad, and I need it to help my mineral foundation to adhere, or my liquid foundation to build up on.

14 Go-To Easy Hair Style
June in Pictures (8-14)
My hair has been layered a lot, so I can’t really get a pretty look out of it, but my easy hair style is to throw my hair in to a bun, and screw some of the Goody Spin Pins in. I bought mine at SDM on clearance, but you can also find them in various Rexall’s and Walmart’s.
There is a bun version, and mini spin pins.

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